99 Million Crates and Counting – Fibre King Reusable Crate Erectors Benefit RPC Users Such As H.E.B.

Globally, Fibre King Crate Erectors have erected nearly 100 million crates since their launch in 2006. The major benefit to fresh produce suppliers has been around labour savings and reduced repetitive strain injury. With less people needed to manually erect crates, staff resources are better used in quality control and product quality increases.

Fibre King Crate Erectors are now installed on farms, in pack houses and in wash plants around Australia. Fibre King also has a number of machines installed in the USA in the fresh produce and the meat industry including H-E-B, a major US supermarket chain and leader in the use of returnable packaging. Ted Lechner, H-E-B’s Reverse Logistics Specialist, said:

“We are very pleased with the partnership to use the automated erector from Fibre King… Fibre King’s team is very professional, understand and values customer service, very responsive and most importantly, proactive to our needs. The machine has been a value-add for our team, they like the way the Crate Erector consistently performs without any down time and never calls in sick.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Fibre King to add additional Crate Erectors as needed in other areas of our business to maximize productivity gains.”

Fibre King has expanded the RPC range beyond erectors with a range of ancillary equipment including stackers, palletisers and full wash plant automation.

For more information, visit www.fibreking.com.

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