IFCO Survey: Over 95% of Produce Department Managers Prefer RPCs to Corrugated

Front line produce department managers who deal in a reusable plastic container (RPC) environment highly approve of them, according to a new survey reported by IFCO SYSTEMS. IFCO, the worldwide leader in reusable plastic container (RPC) management services, found in a surveying over 1,000 produce department managers that:

  • 97.9% report better inbound produce quality with RPCs,
  • 95.7% report easier unloading with RPCs,
  • 96.3% report easier stocking with RPCs, and
  • 95.5% prefer RPCs to corrugated boxes.

“By surveying front-line produce managers and employees for their feedback on the RPC programs, we were able to glean critical information on how the RPC program is affecting the retail produce sector,” said Fred Heptinstall, President and General Manager of IFCO RPC Management Services. “Satisfaction at this level is a clear indicator that the RPC program is having the desired effect on retail produce business.”

Grocery produce department managers receiving fresh produce in RPCs are the ones who interact the most with RPCs at the retail level. They see the impact of RPCs on their incoming produce quality, store operations, and their customers. As such, they can offer critical insight into the effectiveness of the RPC program.

Over a 12-month period spanning June 2009 – June 2010, IFCO representatives conducted in-person surveys of 1,163 produce managers and employees of retailers that had converted to RPCs. Participants were asked how RPCs performed relative to corrugated boxes along the following dimensions: inbound produce quality, ease of unloading pallets from the distribution center, ease of stocking in the produce department, and overall packaging preference.

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