Honda Shrinks Environmental Footprint: Aided by Pallet and Container Reuse

Here’s a great way to reduce your solid waste. Reuse! Honda has released its sixth annual report on the company’s environmental footprint in North America, outlining efforts being made to minimize the environmental impact of Honda’s operations in the region.  Reuse of pallets and containers have played a role in this success:

  • Honda’s U.S. service parts packaging group has worked to reduce its environmental footprint by changing package designs, maximizing cubic space and increasing the use of returnable packing and shipping material.
  • Honda’s Powersports Division also uses a returnable crate system for new products, which has saved 74,312 tons of landfill debris since its inception in 2002. Full-year savings in FY2010 totaled 3,604 tons.
  • Honda says that it recycled over 136,000 pallets, diverting over 6.5 million pounds of wood from ending up in the landfill.
  • During the last year American Honda has made an increased effort to reduce and reuse recyclable materials. For example it tries to reuse cardboard boxes, and as well it tracks, stores and reuses wood pallets whenever possible.

Read these articles to get up to speed on the basics of reusables, and to determine if you are a good candidate to deploy them.

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