A Flavorful Partnership

S. Martinelli & Company, the award-winning apple juice and sparkling cider company, recently announced the extension of its partnership with CHEP. The family-owned company is enjoying its 142nd year producing premium apple juice, sparkling ciders and juice blends with 100% U.S.-grown fresh apples.

S. Martinelli & Company began shipping product on CHEP pallets in 2004, switching from limited-use, non-pooled pallets known as “white wood”. The goal of the change was to provide a consistent, high-quality and environmentally sustainable shipping platform that would meet customer demands improve productivity and reduce product damage.

Fourth-generation Company President, S. John Martinelli, said: “We view the CHEP relationship as a quality partnership. CHEP’s service team helps us provide selected customers with an efficient delivery platform that supports our quality priority and generates efficiencies throughout the supply chain.” Martinelli said S. Martinelli & Company, as a Green Business certified company, is pleased the CHEP program is more environmentally sustainable than the alternatives.

CHEP USA Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Karen Hempel, said: “S. Martinelli & Company’s continued support of the CHEP pallet pool program shows the strength of our value proposition for produce and beverage companies around the world along with the retail supply chain’s increased demand for green shipping solutions. We are committed to providing Martinelli’s and all of our customers the highest level of service and product quality.”

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