New Line of Extruded Plastic Sheet Products from Rehrig Pacific

Rehrig Pacific Company has introduced a new line of extruded plastic sheet products including slip sheets, divider sheets, tier sheets, and pallet pads.

Made from 100% recyclable materials, the Rehrig Slip Sheet is the key product in the group providing an alternative to other shipping platforms, such as wooden pallets and corrugated sheets used in many industries including food, beverage, bagged goods and electronics. Slip sheets utilize a push/pull device that attaches to an existing forklift and function as the shipping platform typically for one-way shipments.

Since 1913, Rehrig Pacific has developed customized products and shipping solutions for many industries. “With years of design expertise and manufacturing experience, Rehrig decided to engineer an improved slip sheet which reduces tab failures and has a higher coefficient of friction (COF) than others,” said Nathan Franck, New Product Development Manager for Rehrig. “Our new state-of-the-art equipment and material blend combination allows us to manufacture a sheet that addresses these existing problems.”

slip sheet Rehrig PacificRehrig Slip Sheets weigh approximately 2 lbs and take up virtually no space in a trailer or container. A typical 40×48 wooden pallet weighs up to 50 lbs and takes up over six cubic feet of storage space. “The slip sheets’ size and weight allows companies to ship more product, improve sanitation, save warehouse space and reduce the cost of each unit load shipped,” said Franck.

The Rehrig Slip Sheet is manufactured using nearly 100% recycled HDPE resin and may be reusable in certain applications. Rehrig offers a buy-back program which assures the value of the material at the end of the sheets’ useful life. Slip Sheets are available in standard or custom sizes to meet each customer’s requirements and with different COFs depending on the application.

Rehrig also provides asset recovery programs and reverse logistics solutions, which can further reduce the average shipping cost per unit load, through Rehrig Penn Logistics (RPL), a Rehrig subsidiary. RPL develops customized pooling solutions and provides a full service for the various products Rehrig manufactures.

Rehrig Pacific Company is a leading manufacturer of reusable plastic pallets, crates and containers for the material handling and many food and beverage industries.

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