iGPS Claims Its Customers Saved Nearly $68 Million by Switching From Wood Pallets

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company, LLC), has announced that its customers have saved nearly $68 million by switching from wood to iGPS plastic pallets.  These imputed savings are displayed in a running ticker presented on the iGPS home page.

“We not only provide our customers with the world’s most advanced pallet, delivered in excellent condition, but also a platform that delivers immediate and measurable savings that go right to customers’ bottom lines,” said Bob Moore, iGPS Chairman and CEO.  “These savings — up to $2 per pallet load — have been documented through rigorous operational studies by our customers, many of the world’s leading companies.” Specific documentation to support the claims was not included in the release or available at the website.

Moore attributes the savings to:

  • lighter plastic pallet weight than a comparable wood rental pallet (48 pounds versus 75-80 pounds.)
  • elimination of production disruptions caused by nails and splintered wood that jam equipment, or wood litter on warehouse floors.
  • easy scanning of iGPS pallets that helps prevent lost equipment and corresponding lost equipment charges levied by a rental pallet provider

At the iGPS website, the company provides an itemized spreadsheet that details the range of savings associated with each benefit. (And while I have a history of being somewhat skeptical of iGPS claims, a couple of the numbers they present do ring true from my own research.)

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