Cold Chain: Asia Pallet Pooling Participates in Hawaii Pilot Test

A new pilot program in Hawaii is being looked at as a potential model for trans-Pacific cold chain monitoring.

Taiwan-based Asia Pallet Pooling will be supplying an RFID-enabled plastic pallet for a Hawaiian pilot project. Coordinated by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, other participants include Santa Clara-based Intellefex Corp., which will provide the identification tags inserted in the pallets, and Honolulu-based Armstrong Produce.

In the first phase of the test, according to Stan Tseng, Managing Director of Asia Pallet Pooling, Armstrong will utilize the tagged pallets in its distribution system to monitor temperature control. For example, the tagged pallets will be read by a handheld scanner at intermodal points, such as when loaded onto a truck, or when arriving or departing from the airport. The test will involve Armstrong distribution centers in Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii.

The second phase of the pilot would involve shipments to Hawaii from California, as well as internationally. Mexico’s Department of Agriculture was one of the first countries to respond to a Hawaii Department of Agriculture request for international participation, according to a report in The Packer.

Traceability is becoming increasingly important in the global supply chain, Tseng noted, emphasizing that impending legislation, food safety concerns and the huge cost of spoilage will continue to be drivers for change.

Asia Pallet Pooling operates predominantly in Taiwan and China, currently issuing about 600,000 to 700,000 pallets annually. The company offers flexible solutions for customers, ranging from a 28 pound plastic pallet to a 48 pound 48×40 pallet edge rackable to 2700 pounds. The company has a U.S. sales representative.

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