Discovery Foods Renews CHEP Outsourcing Contract After Savouring Serious Cost Reduction

The pallet savings have been hot for Discovery Foods, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Mexican food and snacks, since utilizing CHEP’s outsourcing service – CHEP Equipment Management.

  • £102K Saved From Elimination of Losses, Reduced Inventory. When Discovery Foods first appointed CHEP Equipment Management in July 2009, the agreed priorities were to reduce pallet losses and to cut overhead costs. After 12 months, pallet losses reduced to zero. Furthermore a significant reduction in stock requirements was achieved, including overall savings of £102K against the previous year’s costs.
  • Outsourced Pallet Management Delivers Efficiencies. The CHEP Equipment Management service enables customers to outsource the management of their equipment to a dedicated control team. This delivers efficiencies and cost savings as it allows the customer to focus on its core business, while CHEP Equipment Management takes care of all the equipment.
  • Outsourcing Was the Right Move.“The main reason we re-appointed CHEP Equipment Management is they are pallet experts while we are not,” stated Claire Lambert, Discovery Foods Supply Chain Manager. “The benefits achieved during the first year clearly show that appointing them was the right move and I pay full tribute to the team at CHEP.”
  • Supply Chain Mapping and Better Documentation Discovered Unknown Pallet Flows.  CHEP Senior Manager Kathryn Orange said: “I am delighted that Discovery Foods has renewed its CHEP Equipment Management contract. Through using supply-chain mapping and enforcing strict documentation, we uncovered previously unknown pallet flows and now there is transparency throughout the supply chain. Discovery Foods knows where all its pallets are, costs are reduced and product flow is optimised.”
  • CHEP Equipment Management Now Manages Non-CHEP Equipment Like Kegs and Milk Cages. The CHEP Equipment Management team has been helping clients manage their equipment control for more than 15 years. Last year, the service was extended to cover other materials handling equipment in the supply chain, including non-CHEP equipment such as beer kegs and bread baskets.
  • CHEP Equipment Management Deals With 600 Locations and 12 Million Movements. Clients range from major international corporations to independent local breweries.


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