LPR Pallet Pool Targets Fresh Produce

LPR, the European pallet pool, already services the produce supply chain in Spain, Portugal and England. Now its first contract has been signed in France with a carrot producer, and the pallet rental company is looking to collaborate with RPC providers.

Herve Fourcade, Commercial Director of LPR France, explained that LPR will concentrate on industrial, large agricultural cooperatives and packers of fruit and vegetables, working with supermarkets. The transport volumes in this sector of the French economy amount to 5 to 10 million pallet trips per year, according to LPR. Herve cites advantages of the produce industry working with LPR:

1. Hygiene. “LPR meets hygiene requirements, use and traceability of food packaging sector. No product with a risk of contamination is transported on our pallets, “says Hervé.”

2. Flexibility of service. The highly seasonal produce industry requires flexible response from the pallet provider, which LPR is prepared to deliver.

3. Reputation and simplicity. Strong reputation with customers for quality and service, as well as simplicity of billing and reporting.

In addition, LPR is studying the possibility of partnering with major players in the reusable plastic container market. Reusable plastic containers are widely used within the produce industry.

LPR manages nearly 40 million pallet movements per year across Europe, with annual revenue or turnover exceedubg 100 million euros. More information visit www.lpr.eu.

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