Paylode Provides Reusable Dunnage Solutions, Launches Internet Tracking Solution

Creating reusable dunnage was the challenge brought to Fabri-Form a few years ago by a leading brewer looking to reduce its consumption of expendable dunnage. Fabri-Form, a manufacturer of thermoformed pallets, trays and other products, responded with the creation a range of products that it now markets under the Paylode Cargo Systems brand.

Current users of the Paylode system include such well known brewing companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Millers-Coors as well as a leading food products manufacturer.

Paul Fizgerald, Director of Paylode Cargo Systems, recognizes not only the value of reusable dunnage, but also the importance of keeping track of it. While many companies already have technology in place to perform this task, he has found that some companies need a solution to help them track their reusable dunnage. With this in mind, Paylode has developed a simple to use, Internet-based reusable dunnage tracking system it calls TRuST (Total Re-Usable Supplies Tracker.)

Paul has a strong logistics background with a particular emphasis on start-ups. He worked with CHEP for thirteen years and subsequently spent ten years with Logtek, LINPAC’s logistics and control division. Originally from Ireland, he moved to the U.S. in 1989 as a member of the pre-launch team for CHEP USA and subsequently served in several senior positions. While at LINPAC he launched the successful Logtek seafood crate pool in the U.S. and Canada as well as a pool of four million produce crates in Australia.

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