tesa® StretchSeal wins German Packaging Award 2010

“The simple application of the adhesive seal is user-friendly, the level of innovation is high, the scope of application versatile and adaptable to specific brands. Simple solution, great effect”, was the verdict of the jury of the German Packaging Award when judging the new tesa® StretchSeal 64017. This new type of seal, which combines secure sealing for both disposable and multi-use transport portable containers and product packaging along with means of identification for tracking and tracing products, is one of 22 innovative products to win an award because it “sets a forward-looking example for the future of the packaging market”.

FachPack winner. Altogether, some 276 product entries in seven categories were submitted. The most prestigious German industry award was presented during the opening of the FachPack trade fair event on September 27, 2010 in Nuremberg. For tesa® StretchSeal, the award signifies a further opportunity: This ‘industry Oscar’ qualifies the winners to enter the “WorldStar” global competition – one of the most prestigious international trophies to be awarded in the packaging industry.


German Packaging Award goes to tesa® StretchSeal

Prevents tampering. The new stretch seal from tesa makes the task of sealing multi-use containers and sales packaging simpler and more efficient. The key feature of the new seal is its removal by simply pulling the tab lengthwise. The stretching action breaks the adhesive bond leaving absolutely no residue. At the same time, the seal is irreversibly destroyed. Consequently, any tampering or unauthorized opening is immediately evident at first glance, making improper reuse impossible.

Addressing a $114 billion problem. Tampering and theft along the logistics chain and at retailers cost enterprises some 114 billion dollars worldwide last year according to figures calculated by the Center for Retail Research in its current Global Retail Theft Barometer. Special tamper-evident seals for packaging and transport containers, such as tesa® StretchSeal 64017, offer effective protection in combating this problem. tesa® StretchSeal 64017 is available both with and without tabs in various shapes and sizes as well as in the primary colors red and blue – and also in a transparent version.

For more information visit www.tesa.com.

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