Rehrig Pacific Company Introduces the PubKeg™

Reusable packaging doesn’t always fit the bill. Durable kegs offer a great solution in many applications, but reusable doesn’t always provide the best solution. This is known only too well by Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading manufacturer of plastic pallets, reusable transport & distribution crates, carts and containers for the material handling, food & beverage, agriculture, and recycling & waste industries. Rehrig has now introduced the PubKeg.

Recyclable, no repair or retrieval worries, and no capital investment This recyclable plastic alternative to metal kegs holds one-sixth barrel or 5.17 gallons. “We’ve worked with both large and small brewers to provide an innovative solution to the many problems they face with metal kegs,” said Chris Grimes, National Account Manager for Rehrig. “The industry tells us that there is less financial risk with PubKegs compared to brewery-owned kegs because there is no initial capital investment. The additional cost of repairs, transport, storage and the inevitable delays involved in managing reusable metal kegs is a prohibitive obstacle for many brewers who want to expand into new draft markets.”

So long tracking, deposit and paperwork. By creating a one-way packaging option, Rehrig has eliminated deposit costs, tracking, and paperwork for brewers who own or lease kegs. The PubKeg is an all-encompassing package for brewers looking to distribute their beer across the country or export to anywhere in the world. “Brewers are no longer at the mercy of leasing services that can’t respond quickly to seasonal demands or new product introductions,” said Grimes. “We understand keg needs fluctuate throughout the year and our company addresses this challenge by having PubKegs in stock and ready for quick delivery, 24/7 just like we’ve been doing for our other beverage and dairy customers since 1913.”

Lighter weight favorable to freight and handling. The Rehrig PubKeg has a similar footprint to the quarter slim barrel keg yet weighs nine pounds less than a 1/6th barrel metal steel keg, which will also reduce freight and handling costs. Standard features include integrated handles and an interlocking base and lid for more secure transport and storage. Rehrig designed the PubKeg to be compatible with existing filling equipment and is produced with an American Sankey valve.

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