Portugese Beverage Producer Extends European Pallet Shipments With CHEP – 600,000 Trips P.A.

SUMOL+COMPAL, leader in the non-alcoholic beverages sector in Portugal, has recently extended its service contract with CHEP to cover all its pallet movements. In total this amounts to 600,000 pallet movements per annum, across Europe.

SUMOL+COMPAL Logistics Director Jaime Alves Cardoso said: “CHEP provides an innovative service that meets SUMOL+COMPAL’s specific needs and supports our business growth plans. CHEP’s programme increases the efficiency of our operation and the flexibility and level of customer service it offers is second to none.”

Today SUMOL+COMPAL operates four production plants across Portugal and as many distribution centres, from which it services more than 50,000 customers. The main distribution centre is in Leiria, central Portugal. It measures more than 26,000 m2 and has a capacity of 40,000 pallets. The other three are in Lisbon, Povoa Varzim in the north and Faro in the south.

Mr Cardoso said: “Given the level of automation in our warehouses, CHEP’s commitment to pallet quality is important to us. In addition, the environmental benefit of using CHEP, which continually reconditions and reuses pallets across the supply chain, fit well within our company’s commitment to sustainability.”

SUMOL+COMPAL’s portfolio includes about 650 stock-keeping units and 20 leading brands, including soft drinks Sumol, 7Up, Pepsi, Guaraná Antarctica and Lipton Ice Tea; Compal juices, nectars and fruit shots; Água Serra da Estrela and Frize waters; and Tagus and Grolsch beers. The company is also using CHEP display pallets (600x800mm). Research conducted by a number of major European retailers has shown that using display pallets ensures better product exposure to the consumer and out-of-stock occurrences are dramatically reduced.

SUMOL+COMPAL wants its suppliers to start integrating CHEP pallets into their own systems so as to reduce supply chain costs. It has also joined forces with CHEP to extend the pooling system to those distribution chains that still do not use pooled pallets and instead manage white wood pallets – although they are few and far between. Mr Cardoso said: “Our final strategy is to optimise volume and gain added value and synergy effects with CHEP, developing this relationship into a real partnership.”

CHEP Iberia Vice President & Country General Manager Laura Nador, said “We are very pleased to be increasing our volume of business with SUMOL+COMPAL. It reflects the quality of the service that CHEP has been able to provide. Despite having the option of using other pallet providers in Portugal, SUMOL + COMPAL has chosen to expand its business with CHEP, and we will now be its sole supplier. We thank SUMOL+COMPAL for its confidence and will be working very hard to maintain or increase the level of customer service we provide.”


SUMOL+COMPAL SA (former Sumolis) is a Portugal-based company primarily engaged in the beverage industry. Its business includes the commercialization of fast moving consumer goods (FCMG), namely beverages, including juices, soft drinks, nectars, bottled water and beers.

SUMOL+COMPAL is the result of the merger of two key companies in the Portuguese food sector, specifically non-alcoholic beverages. Sumolis and Compal, both 100% Portuguese, were merged in 2009 to capitalise on the synergies of their businesses. Today SUMOL+COMPAL employs just over 1,400 people and is one of the leading companies in the sector, not only in Portugal but also in specific international markets.

The Company’s brands are present in about 50 countries, including Angola, Cape Verde, Spain, France and Switzerland stand for 82% of total sales in these markets.

Further information about SUMOL+COMPAL at http://en.sumolcompal.pt

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