XANASURE Makes Splash with Reusable Container and Pallet Cleaning, Repair Service

The recent egg recall in the U.S. serves as another looming reminder of the urgency for industry to effectively manage food safety. XANASURE, a provider of cleaning and sanitizing services for reusable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and other shipping platforms, stands ready to assist owners of reusable packaging in this regard.

XANASURE reusable container and pallet washing

A lack of guidance from food safety regulators has left a cloud of uncertainty for producers. “It is all over the board when it comes to the regulators,” commented Art Gaynor, Chairman of XANASURE. “It really boils down to the inspector on site. There is no clear rule.”

“The fear factor is growing that a facility could be shut down by inspectors,” stated Art Gaynor of XANASURE. “With reusables and proper handling of them, you will avoid all those problems you read about in the newspaper.” With this in mind, XANASURE has established sanitation standards to a high level for reusables, which it delivers for customers. XANASURE can provide certification as required by the customer.

The company presently operates reusable container service facilities are in Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina, and has expansion plans. XANASURE management has a deep experience when it comes to cleaning reusable containers, having overseen the servicing of over 300 million units in the last decade. Reusables are cleaned by XANASURE’s custom built wash lines with water pressure up to 2000 psi.

“Our primary focus is on the food safety hurdle facing our customers, and being a company that can bridge that gap for them,” Gaynor stated. XANASURE has targeted industries including food, beverage, meat and poultry. The company works with customers who own their own reusable container fleets.

XANASURE offers a suite of services, including XANA-Clean, XANA-Track, XANA-Swab, and XANA-Repair. While the company offers such services as cleaning, and the tracking of container service history, a surprisingly successful part of the business has been the growth of container repair. Where a bulk container might sell for $300-350 new, Art indicated, XANASURE repairs average $60 extending the life of the container. Upon return, customers have commented that the containers have a “like new appearance.”

XANASURE’s on-site plastic weld technicians perform a wide range of repairs, including:

  • Forklift blade and other punctures
  • Sidewall tears
  • Ruptured seams, lips and corners
  • Damaged runners
  • Removal of burrs & deep scars

“Sometimes people have damaged or dirty reusable containers accumulating behind their building and don’t know what to do with them,” Gaynor explained. “XANASURE offers a way to eliminate that problem by extending their useful life. Not surprisingly, Gaynor indicated that the company’s customer retention rate is 100%. “Let’s face it,” Gaynor stated. “With food poisoning, outbreaks not only make big headlines. They can destroy companies.” XANASURE is dedicated to reducing the risk of an inspection failure, allowing companies to focus on what they do best. For more information, visit www.xanasure.com.

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