European Pallet Association (EPAL) Names Hollinger as President

Robert Hollinger is the new  President of the European Pallet Association (EPAL), seen at right. He states he will continue the excellent and sustained committee work Stan Bowes has established over the past few years for the leading pallet pool, following his appointment as EPAL president.

European Pallet Association EPAL

New President for EPAL pallet pool

In a majority vote taken in Lucerne (CH) on 18 June 2010, the members appointed him the new man at the association’s helm and granted him a three-year vote of confidence. Stan Bowes hopes the members will give his successor their support, which is vitally important for this elected EPAL position. Stan has assured Robert of his own continued advice and practical support.

Robert Holliger knows EPAL and the structures of the association better than almost anyone else. Actively involved in the founding of EPAL in 1990, the Swiss producer and repairer of EPAL/ EUR pallets has followed the development of the association since the outset and actively supported the work of the board, in recent years as vice-president.

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