Floral Tray and Cart Pooler Container Centralen’s Chairman Retires

After 20 years in total, Søren Bøgede Andersen retires from his position as chairman of Container Centralen’s board of directors early September. The departing chairman looks back on several years of growth and continuous development.

Søren Bøgede Andersen was the chairman of the Container Centralen (CC) board of directors for a 10-year period from 1980-1990, and he was one of the key drivers when founding the company. In the year 2000, S. Bøgede Andersen returned to the CC board and his position as chairman until early September this year.

– ‘My plan was originally to retire from the board when CC had a new managing director in 2009, but I wanted to support the new managing director in the first years,’ says S. Bøgede Andersen. – ‘I am happy with the results and the developments in CC as well as the high performance of the staff,’ S. Bøgede Andersen continues. – “CC is a very well-established organisation, and I wish all the best for the company and the employees and thank everybody with a relation to CC for the many years of good cooperation.’

At the age of 63, S. Bøgede Andersen is not done with the horticultural industry. In his company, Horticultural Management Consulting, he will keep contributing to the efficiency of the industry and still has 9 board responsibilities to look after.

S. Bøgede Andersen now hands over the reins to the deputy chairman of the board, Herman de Boon, who is also the chairman of the Dutch flowers & plants wholesalers’ association, VGB.

– ‘We want to thank Søren Bøgede Andersen for his great efforts for CC over many years. Not only has he been one of the pioneers, but also one of the persons setting new ambitious goals for the company,’ says the new chairman, Herman de Boon.

One of the latest CC projects that S. Bøgede Andersen was involved in was the upcoming introduction of RFID (electronic labelling) in the horticultural industry as the chairman of the RFID Steering Committee.

– ‘I am proud to have been part of this important project, which will be a giant leap into the 21st century for the entire industry,’ says S. Bøgede Andersen. –‘Surely this will be a valuable contribution to the efficiency and cost savings in future horticultural logistics’.

For more information, visit www.containercentralen.com.

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