CHEP Renews Pallet Depot Contract with Norbert Dentressangle

CHEP – the global leader in pallet and container pooling services – has once again renewed its contract with Norbert Dentressangle.

Norbert Dentressangle’s relationship with CHEP – the global leader in pallet and container pooling services – began in 2005, when it was appointed to manage the company’s service centre in Dunstable.

CHEP Pallet RepairIn 2009, Norbert Dentressangle invested c.£4 million in the opening of a new service centre to replace the Dunstable facility.

The centre, in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, consists of a 2,200 sq metre plant building and a six-acre yard, which can hold 173,000 pallets. It is one of CHEP’s largest service centres in Europe, in terms of throughput, and employs a workforce of over 150 people.

The plant contains 24 repair benches on two production lines and handles up to 170,000 pallets per week. Some seven million pallets every year are inspected, repaired and painted as required, and then despatched to retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and growers across the south east of England.

Almost all of the waste generated by the operation is recycled through innovative and environmental best practice and investment.

As the partnership continues into the second year at the new centre, Norbert Dentressangle will invest an additional £300k in automated pallet stenciling equipment.

Recently, Norbert Dentressangle also renewed a reverse logistics contract with leading U.K. retailer Tesco, including recovery and reassignment of reusable trays, dollies, pallets and other distribution residuals.

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