New Corporate Policy Includes Increased Use of Reusable Containers

Icelandic® Group has released a new Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which includes an increased emphasis on reusable and washable containers, in addition to other initiatives.

The new guidelines that were released earlier year were created to inform their stakeholders and the general public that Icelandic’s vision and policies concerning social and environmental issues have been fully integrated into their business operations. Icelandic® listened carefully to the needs and concerns of seafood customers to create an approach to corporate social responsibility that encompasses their values and Icelandic’s commitment to accountability.

As a leading global processor and trader in fresh and frozen fish and seafood, Icelandic® has a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the resources they utilize in their business. The new policy details the leadership role Icelandic® takes in the industry through cooperation with major seafood companies, ensuring that all common resources are responsibly managed. The release of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy also provides a platform for Icelandic® to declare their position on several key industry issues.

Chuck Spencer, Sustainability Specialist and National Account Manager of the Icelandic® Foodservice Sales Division worked closely on the policy. “The demand for high quality, nutritious seafood is higher than ever and it’s our role to ensure that the resources provided to our consumers and future generations are healthy, fresh and aligned with the ideals of Icelandic” said Spencer. “This policy reflects how serious we are about protecting our natural resources as well as our responsibility as a global seafood provider.”

Icelandic’s new Corporate Social Responsibility Policy specifically outlines their position on several key issues. First, Icelandic® supports the growing international movement to stop trade in illegally caught seafood. Icelandic® only works with suppliers who can comply with certification and traceability standards. They also refuse to be associated with the processing of or trading in fish species that are threatened with extinction or that are legally protected. Additionally, the policy outlines their firm opposition against whaling, which encompasses the catching, processing or trade associated with the exploitation.

In addition to social responsibility, Icelandic® is committed to being cognizant of their carbon footprint and has efforts in place to reduce the amount of energy used in the production of their products. Icelandic® has increased the ability for the end user to recycle by using more environmentally responsible materials and aims to diminish energy waste through the reduction of weight in packaging. Icelandic has also increased the percentage of recycling in internal production and has augmented the amount of reusable and washable containers between suppliers in factories. In addition, they have increased the use of biodegradable packaging and will continue to support research into seafood supply chain carbon emission analysis and reduction.

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