Pallet Tracking: American Security Logistics Launches AT&T Connected Tracking Device for AIRDEX VISI-pallet

American Security Logistics (ASL) and AT&T* have announced the availability of a wirelessly connected tracking device that will track the location and ongoing movement of cargo pallet shipments by sending data across AT&T’s wireless network.

ASL has equipped the new AIRDEX VISI-pallet(TM) with a wirelessly connected tracking device manufactured by GlobalSat and distributed by U.S. BioSensors, Inc. Designed for high-value cargo shipments, the tracking device provides ongoing visibility of the individual pallet location while gathering operating and condition data, which it feeds across the AT&T network to an around-the-clock management information service bureau.

The tracking and condition data is managed and made available by GlobalTrak, a division of Systems Planning Corporation, and follows the precise movements of cargo-in-transit under the most extreme conditions including pallets traveling inside fast-moving trucks, trains or containers.

The VISI-pallet tracking unit collects and stores data, even when out of GPS signal range. Geo-fence parameters can be established and set to alarm mode when a shipment moves outside a predefined geographical area. In alliance with Cyber Control LLC, ASL provides 24×7 staffed customer service and technical support, and optional live tracking support services with around the clock monitoring and reporting capabilities. Users may also choose to monitor and track their own cargo on personal computers or smartphones.

“This light-weight, wirelessly connected pallet is a very cost effective alternative for the many industries in need of a tracking solution to monitor valuables in transport,” said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, AT&T. “It will provide critical logistics along the way and offer the property owner peace of mind.”

“This technology will change the game when it comes to controlling and monitoring valuable assets within the global supply chain,” said David Yoder, CEO, American Security Logistics. “The recovery of a time-critical or high value shipment would more than pay for this service. The use of the lightweight AIRDEX pallet will provide significant monetary savings, not to mention the priceless information provided by the tracking and reporting device.”

Along with the obvious enterprise benefits, connected pallets help address safety concerns within the food and pharmaceutical markets where tracking and traceability are critical – and this is only the tip of the iceberg for tracking precious cargo. This device marks the first in a series of wirelessly connected location based tracking devices that can be used to help keep tabs on an array of valuables, from pets to children and Alzheimer’s patients – all which American Security Logistics expects to launch in the near future.

Until now, bar-code and RFID scanning devices have been the primary options for tracking individual pallet shipments.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.



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