Green Ox® Pallet Technology and AllPak Container Announce Strategic Partnership

Allpak to add Green Ox® corrugated pallets to their product line.

Green Ox® Pallet Technology, the exclusive global provider of Green Ox corrugated pallets and the patented Green Ox and Box, has introduced a strategic partnership with Washington-based Allpak Container, a national leader in packaging and display products.

Allpak Container is adding Green Ox corrugated pallets to its product line. Green Ox pallets provide operational, financial, and environmental benefits because of their low weight (reducing fuel and transportation costs), ISPM-15 exemption (providing valuable shipping efficiencies in terms of avoiding possible detention or rejection at ports of entry), food safety (offering 100% sterility), sustainability (the pallet is 100% recyclable), and more.

In addition to helping clients address common shipping challenges via Green Ox corrugated pallets, Allpak provides expertise in all aspects of packaging, thereby creating greater value for the end user. Combining the ground-breaking Green Ox technologies with Allpak’s packaging expertise will not only help add operational and logistical value, but also branding value.

“We’re thrilled to be working with a highly-respected industry leader such as Allpak to make our money-saving and emissions-reducing technology available to U.S. and Canadian clients. Even in our early discussions, we could see that Allpak shares our passion for saving clients’ money while enabling smarter and more environmentally-friendly product transport,” commented Adam Pener, president of Green Ox Pallet Technology.

Allpak was recently recognized by King County with a “Best Recycling” award in 2016. All of our post-manufacturing waste and trim gets put back into the fiber recycling stream. “This 100% recyclable pallet fits right in with our company culture. This is something our industry has been trying to find a viable solution to for many years,” stated Ralph Koch, CEO of Allpak.

Source: Green Ox Pallet Technology