Euro Pool System launches its new campaign at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

‘Being the standard is only half our story’

Euro Pool System is one of the key suppliers of reusable packaging in Europe, with approximately 1 billion annual trips of its reusable crates.  However, this is only half the story, according to the company, which emphasizes its range of services offered to its clients.  With this in mind, the company has launched its ‘Being the standard is only half our story’ campaign in conjunction with its presence at the Fruit Logistica show,  underway in Berlin on February 8, 9 and 10, 2017.

According to Euro Pool System, the steady growth in the use of reusable packaging it has experienced in Europe is the consequence of an intensive relationship with clients. These clients are making increasing use of services, which offer added value to the business of retailers, growers and other partners in the fresh supply chain. At the same time, the services contribute to more efficient and sustainable logistical processes in the entire fresh supply chain.

Packaging Forms the Basis

Euro Pool System’s mission is “Drive the efficiency in the supply chain.” Packaging is fundamental to this mission, according to the pooling provider, explaining why the Euro Pool System crate holds a prominent and recognizable position in the campaign. With sturdy, sustainable packaging as the foundation, Euro Pool System offers a wealth of services to unburden clients. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight these offerings.

Euro Pool Utilizes GS1-Codes for Traceability in Reverse logistics Process

Reverse logistics is one aspect of the efficiency drive in the supply chain. This service provision consists of far more than simply collecting crates from supermarkets. Euro Pool System states that it can process the entire return stream.  Moreover, clients are provided with a complete insight into the streams and the location of their pallets, roll cages, dollies, crates, and all the other packaging material. Using GS1-codes for traceability is at the heart of this system. Euro Pool System reduces work for retailers. In addition, Smart Return Logistics is the latest service EPS can offer to our retail customers to make their return flow visible on shop level.

New Banana Tray

Euro Pool System is showcasing its new banana tray at Fruit Logistica 2017. The new tray has been developed in close collaboration with European retailers, world-wid growers and packers, offering users significant intelligent and efficiency enhancing advantages.

Expanding Business

Growing together is another example of a distinguished service. Euro Pool System is at the forefront of clients expanding their new business. In addition to the current 14 markets in which Euro Pool System operates, they also ventured into Eastern Europe, South Africa, and Middle America. Closer proximity makes it possible for retailers to make use of standard packaging and expanded services from anywhere.

Source: Euro Pool System