Pooling Partners Offers Simple, Multifaceted Approach for UK Fresh Produce Supplier

“It is all down to responsiveness and simplicity. Pallets should not be something that takes a lot of management and this is exactly what we get with Pooling Partners.” – Phil Beckett, Fenmarc

Fenmarc, one of the UK’s leading prepared fresh produce manufacturers, has renewed a major contract with Pooling Partners, one of Europe’s leading poolers of sustainable wooden pallets, which is helping to drive major supply chain efficiencies.

Cambridgeshire-based Fenmarc, which employs more than 200 staff at its Elm head office, uses both Pooling Partners’ Trade Direct and One Way Trip supply chain models, which ensure quality pallets as well as speed and efficiencies when getting products to major supermarkets within tight delivery windows.

It also uses a mix of standard and Euro pallets – where it has seen a 59 percent increase in use – to offer greater logistical flexibility.

The business, which prepares and packs a diverse range of quality vegetables, has been working with Pooling Partners since 2012 and over the last five years has overseen a program of continuous improvement which has even led to price reductions.

“It is all down to responsiveness and simplicity,” stated Phil Beckett, supply chain director for Fenmarc. “Pallets should not be something that takes a lot of management and this is exactly what we get with Pooling Partners.

“Before we signed with them we had to spend a lot of time dealing with deliveries, quality issues and queries on incredibly complicated invoices.

“The Pooling Partners solution is about as simple as it can be – we order pallets, they arrive and we use them as part of a very simple and transparent arrangement. Regular audits then allow both parties to proactively manage stocks in order to prevent issues.”

“We have watched this relationship grow since 2012,” offered Phil Storer, UK Director for Pooling Partners. “Fenmarc wants what a lot of customers demand – a collaborative partnership and a simple and straightforward approach. We will continue to deliver to that requirement.”

Source: Pooling Partners