Pooling Partners acquires El Palet Verde as part of European expansion

el-palet-verdeFaber Halbertsma Group B.V., which trades as Pooling Partners, the European market leader for integrated, full-service pooling and production of wooden pallets and crates, has acquired the Spanish company El Palet Verde, which is a well-known player in the pallet pooling market across the Iberian peninsula. The shares in the company were previously held by Zara & Logic S.L.

Pooling Partners describes the acquisition as strategic, growing its European footprint in Spain and Portugal, which have become key markets and also increasingly big exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables to other EU partners, including the UK and Ireland.

The acquisition of Madrid-based El Palet Verde, which has an annual revenue of approximately EURO 5 million (US$5.3 million), also marks a fundamental step change in international growth targets because the company boasts an impressive network of 32 depots for maintaining its pallet pool in Spanish and Portuguese retail supply chains.

The El Palet Verde pool ensures that quality pallets are made available to customers quickly and conveniently at any time and location.

To be able to make optimum use of the synergy benefits, the El Palet Verde pallet pool will be fully incorporated into the IPP Logipal pool of Pooling Partners.

Pooling Partners will continue to uphold, and build upon, the partnerships with El Palet Verde’s existing customers and service centers.

“The extensive network of El Palet Verde in the Spanish market complements the international pooling activities of Pooling Partners. This (move) enables us to offer a wider range of services, in particular to our international customers,” stated Ingrid Faber, CEO of Faber Halbertsma Group

“We are pleased with the extended market coverage for the El Palet Verde pool,” commented Sergio Sanz, operational director at El Palet Verde. “Integration into the European network of Pooling Partners gives us much more opportunity to grow. Our products and services expand the geographical range of the pool, thereby enabling the group as a whole to consolidate its position in the market.”

Pooling Partners is a leading full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.

With a history dating back to 1891, this Dutch family business provides pallet and box pooling services across Europe and is also one of Europe’s largest producers of wooden pallets. It operates three pooling networks in demanding supply chains: the IPP Logipal pool, the European Exchange network, and its PRS Return System.

The IPP Logipal pool is a leading rental provider of pallets and boxes in fast moving consumer goods and industrial supply chains across Europe. Via an extensive service center network customers rent IPP pool pallets to store and deliver their brands. By deploying its pooling expertise in recovery and refurbishment, clients of the IPP Logipal pool are provided with pool pallets when and wherever they need them.

The European Exchange network is the market leader in pool management of exchangeable and standardized load carriers such as Euro pallets and box pallets. Customers receive pallets at the right quality where and when they need them and return them wherever and whenever; via an extensive network of more than 10,000 pooling stations across Europe.

The PRS Return System is an efficient and reliable pooling system for users of CP-type pallets in the demanding polymer and chemical sectors across Europe and Turkey. For nearly 20 years it has contributed to sustainability by actively growing pallet reuse and reducing packaging waste.

Pooling Partners is a long-standing and leading exponent of circular economy models, promoting recovery and continual reuse of durable standard pallets and boxes in efficient and sustainable pooling systems. Its production facilities source timber from sustainably managed forests and produce and repair over 20 million pallets and boxes per annum from wood that is PEFCTM or FSC® certified.

The company has an annual turnover of more than € 300 million and employs around 800 staff.

For more information, please visit www.poolingpartners.com and www.elpaletverde.es.

Source: Pooling Partners