5 Common Boom Lift Rental Mistakes To Avoid

By Andrew Mark

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses and individuals to rent the equipment that they need. Not only will they have access to the latest technology, they won’t have to worry about servicing and finding somewhere to store the lift. By understanding the most common mistakes made during boom lift rental, we hope that you will find yourself in a better position to select the most appropriate equipment for your needs.

1. Hazards
Many people fail to consider potential hazards associated with the use of these lifts. Some of these hazards include falls, objects falling from height, tip overs, ejection from the platform, collapses, electric shock, contact with objects whilst moving, entanglements, and contact with ceiling or overhead objects. It is also important to consider that some of these hazards can even be present at the same time.

2. Training
Some people also fail to consider appropriate training for their workers and lift operators. Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) guidelines recommend that re-training occur after major changes, such as an accident that occurred during platform use. Re-training should also occur if a different piece of equipment is being used (such as a newer model) or if different accessories are being used (such as fall protection).

3. Outdated Specifications
Some people also mistakenly assume that yesterday and today’s specifications are the same. Replacing old equipment with a new boom lift rental and following the exact same specifications opens yourself up to two risks – the platform needs and worksite conditions could be different, and platforms with new technology might offer safer alternatives. You could mistakenly use the lift incorrectly.

4.  Needs
Many people also overestimate or underestimate their own functional requirements, which can cause some big problems. An example of this is the request for a lift when obstructions in the worksite actually mean that a crane is required. The requested platform might only fulfill the height requirements of the job. This serious mistake could lead to workers leaning or even climbing out of the platform to perform their task.

5. Reach
Some people are also known to overestimate or underestimate a lift’s reach requirements. If your workers try to use equipment that is too long or too short for the application at hand, the working conditions could be changed. A platform that is too long, for example, might need to be lowered considerably. This puts the weight off centre, which can lead to an imbalance or tip over. These mistakes can be costly.

It is important to understand that the mistakes commonly made in boom lift rental can be costly, not only to your profits but also in terms of the safety and productivity of your workers. This is why it is essential that you avoid making these mistakes from the beginning, as prevention is always better than a cure. If you are in the market to rent a lift for your worksite, ensure that you are aware of the mistakes that could be made prior to ordering.

Andrew Mark wrote this article on behalf of Liftech

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