4 Factors That Bring Us Back to Pack Expo Every Year

las vegasThis is the 20th anniversary of the inaugural Pack Expo Las Vegas trade show and is quickly inching its way to being the largest one ever.  With over 800,000 square feet of exhibit space and almost 2,000 exhibitors, it’s one of the best trade shows in which we participate.

Why?  Mainly due to these four factors:

  1. The “It” Factor– This is where it happens in 2015, where 30,000 attendees from companies in over 130 countries come to see the newest, fastest, and smartest packaging innovations.  It’s the world’s largest processing and packaging event this year. And those that come bring their wallets.  According to the shows owner and producer PMMI, 76% of attendees are either the final decision maker or have significant influence and more than half of the attendees will attend no other show in 2015.  Bottom line for us, if you want to sell something in packaging industry, you had better be here.
  2. The “Unit Load” Factor– From a supply-chain perspective, whether we like it or not, all components of the Unit Load impact the other.  The plastic bottle used to encase the fruit juice impacts the type of corrugated box that it is packaged in and that impacts the board placement on the pallet that the boxes are shipped on.  Going even further, all of this will impact the kind of shrink wrap that will be used.  It all works together.  Smart companies know that sourcing each component independently is a waste of time.  If you want to be considered in this mix, Pack Expo gives you that platform to do so.
  3. The “Inspiration” Factor– Innovation is on display in a jaw-dropping buffet of packaging options that many encounter when they first walk onto the show floor.  It can be intimidating at first, but that feeling soon melts into a sincere appreciation for the ingenuity that has fueled the creation of some really innovative products.  The mood that is created is energetic and creates the right mind-set for those shopping for new products.  Having the right person, in the right mood walk in our booth is what Pack Expo is all about.
  4. The “Sustainability” Factor – Unless you’ve secluded yourself in a cave somewhere, you’re probably well aware of the overuse of this buzzword.  It is however, important and not going away.  Large corporations have made it a priority to source sustainable products.  The United States has been a little slower in joining this movement but is quickly catching up. In other parts of the world, sourcing sustainable products is roughly as important as how economical it is, and rightly so.  As a member of the RPA (Reusable Packaging Association), we are grouped with other packaging providers that offer reusable solutions.  Having the opportunity to illustrate how, with the pointGUARD® system, reusable and sustainable a wood pallet can be is the main motive for why we continue to exhibit at Pack Expo.

If you go, don’t forget to stop by our booth and say “hi”.  We will be located in the RPA Pavilion in Booth S-6846, which is in the lower south hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  For more information about Pack Expo visit www.packexpolasvegas.com and to learn more about the pointGUARD® Pallet Protection Products, visit www.palletpointGUARD.com.

Source: palletpointGUARD