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2ic Pallets is the lead product of Australian-based 2ic Software, and is the world’s leading pallet tracking and pallet reconciliation software offered independently of specific pallet pooling entitites. It is used with pallet pools in Australia, New Zealand, England and United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

2ic Pallets helps to prevents pallet losses and is a tool developed for pallet controllers to accurately record and track pallet or other reusable asset movements and reconcile pallet bills for multiple locations and multiple pallet pools.

2ic Pallets provides docket printing, con note tracing, redeeming of exchanges, exporting and importing of CHEP, Loscam, IPP Logipal, LPR, CEVA Logistics and CPC (Canadian Pallet Council) file formats and bill reconciliation.

2ic Pallets integrates with many other transport management software solutions. 2ic Pallets has also been used sucessfully for tracking other types of rented containers and pooled equipment. The software can track many types of equipment for a single application, such as a variety of trays, containers and pallets.

The company also offers 2icwebpallets. 2ic Web Pallets is a simple to use web based software for pallet equipment tracking. It can be used standalone or as an extension of 2ic Pallets.

For more information, visit www.2icsoftware.com.

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