2ic Software Grows in Thailand

With a modern logistics infrastructure rapidly taking root in Thailand, there has been a convergent need for effective pallet control software. As a result, supply chain participants such as Makro and Unilever are increasingly turning to 2ic Pallets for assistance.

Yet another 2ic Pallets client following this trend is DHL’s Big C distribution centre (DC) in Wangnoi, north of Bangkok. Big C is a state of the art facility featuring over 60,000 pallet locations and a service network of 270 stores. Given that 50% of Big C’s suppliers and 80% of DC to store deliveries move on hire pallets, the urgency for effective pallet control was clear.

Before converting to 2ic Pallets, Big C had been using a labour-intensive, ad hoc spreadsheet system. The primitive system wasn’t delivering the ease of use or the visibility that it needed to effectively control its pallet accounts.

“The 2ic system complies with all our requirements both as a current process as well as giving us insight to what we could be doing better,” says Mark Dobson, Senior Director Logistics. “The kicker to use 2ic was the team that supports the software. They are particularly informative and ready to support even through language barriers with down line staff.” To meet the needs of their global customers, 2ic Pallets has been enhanced specifically for the Asian market and training videos have been translated into Thai.

Additionally underscoring 2ic Software’s commitment to the expanding logistics market in Thailand, Andrew Whittam and Brenton Sneath, 2ic Software’s CEO and Director of Sales respectively, recently attended the ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) conference in Bangkok. Both were on hand as Big C presented jointly with Loscam at this event.

DHL and Big C are extremely happy with the early results of the implementation, receiving positive feedback from all involved. Initially using 2ic Pallets to manage its hire pallets, Mark hopes to soon be using the software to centrally manage its other equipment as well. “All in all a very good return on investment and a professional company to deal with,” he concludes.

For more information, visit www.2icsoftware.com.

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