2ic Software and CHEP deliver pallet control excellence to Thai customers

Global equipment pooling leader, CHEP, is now promoting pallet control software from 2ic Software as a solution for Thai customers and prospects tasked with managing  pallets obtained from more than one source.

With customers in 9 countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, 2ic Pallets from 2ic Software helps eliminate pallet losses. It is a tool developed for pallet controllers to accurately record and track pallet or other reusable asset movements and efficiently reconcile pallet bills for multiple locations and multiple pallet pools.  2ic Software also offers 2ic Web Pallets, the perfect solution for companies that use 2ic Pallets and want to track pallets for smaller sites, allowing the pallet controller at head office to remotely collect and collate movements and import them directly into 2ic Pallets for reconciliation.

“As far as we are concerned, 2ic Pallets provides a good package for controlling equipment, and in this case most particularly pallets,” stated Nigel Branch, President of CHEP SEA, “where the retailer, or any participant in the supply chain, needs to track pallets supplied from more than one source.”

CHEP will  recommend 2ic Pallets to manufacturers who require the software and the control mechanisms to control two different pallet types, as well as to 3PLs and retailers. “A 3PL,” Mr. Branch commented, “often has a number of customers and as a result needs to track pallets from different sources. It could be a pooled pallet, or it might be one that they own.” He noted that retailers have a similar challenge.  “By their nature,” he explained, “retailers receive different pallets and this product enables control.”

“Pallet control can be a headache,” observed Andrew Whittam, CEO of 2ic Software. “Customers with multiple pallet types receive the obvious benefit of one system to manage everything, but better control is a benefit we can deliver to all pallet users.”  He added: “While 2ic Software will still be managing software sales, having the backup of a network on the ground with local language support is a great addition.  The fact that the world’s leading pallet company wants to promote our software is a great endorsement of our products.”

“The thing to emphasize is that CHEP has the infrastructure in place here,” Mr Branch concluded, “and 2ic Software has the product and service that is needed to deliver control to those players in the supply chain who need to track multi-sourced pallets.”

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