2011 Australian National Forklift Championship – Reach Trucks Featured

Organizers of this year’s Australian National Forklift Championship promise that this event will be even bigger than last year with more in-house competitions, greater female participation and finalists coming from New Zealand to challenge the current 2010 champions.  This year, contestants will drive reach trucks instead of counterbalanced forklifts to open up a different market segment.  Sponsorship opportunities of this event are available for forklifts, racking, binning, uniforms, trophies, PPE (personal protective equipment) and much more for those who want to build brand awareness in the logistics industry.

With the new national OHS harmonisation legislation process well advanced, forklift licencing training and assessment Australia wide is planned to change on the 1st July.  New operators will need to be better trained to meet the new requirements and existing operators will need to be deemed as competent operators as part of the process.  Each State will need to implement the model legislation to ensure its success.  Potentially, lots of change is coming your way.

The Australian Warehousing Association (AusWA) is again the proud organising host for this event.  Plans are underway for the 2012 Australian champions to compete in the USA and later may include the Asian area.  Perhaps the future champions will be truly “International Champions”.

If you would like to organise an in-house competition or register a staff member to compete in a State heat, download a form from the competition website, www.forkliftcomp.com.au

Need more information call the Association on (02) 96351113

National Forklift Championship Co-ordinator

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