11 Things to Know Before You Move to Arizona

Moving from one state to another takes some serious planning. When considering your options, you might want to give some thought to moving to Arizona. If you are a lover of sunshine, then this state certainly delivers with three of the sunniest cities in the world. If you live in Tuscon, Phoenix or Yuma, you will most certainly get enough vitamin D.

  1. Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Whether you’re a fan of daylight savings time or not, it is something the majority of the country must accommodate. Arizona is one of two states that does not force you to set your clock back or forward in the spring and fall. Many people appreciate not having to struggle with changing every clock they own.

  1. The Arizona State Fair is taken very seriously.

This annual fair attracts people from far and wide, boasting as many as one million participants to enjoy the entertainment. There is something for everyone. Activities such as a rodeo, rides, competitions and racing round out the many planned events.

  1. Mining is a significant part of Arizona’s culture.

When driving around Arizona, you are bound to notice a large number of mining towns. For trained miners, this state has many high-paying jobs. SmartAsset claims that history buffs will appreciate traveling to the cities of Jerome and Bisbee to understand how old mines operated.

  1. Haboobs or dust storms are common.

It is not uncommon to be driving down the road or walking down the street only to witness a blinding dust storm surrounding you. It can be a bit scary especially if you’re driving. Fortunately, they pass over rather quickly.

  1. Arizona is a wine country.

Arizona produces wonderful wine, rivaling California as a major hub. There are several wine tours sure to please. A favorite tour is the Sedona Wine Adventure. Many people swear that Arizona has some of the best wine available in the country.

  1. Arizona’s landscape offers more than desert.

The state of Arizona is most often associated with the desert, but there are certain areas vibrant with green vegetation. Large northern parts of Arizona are dotted with Douglas fir, pine and spruce trees. Movoto reports that mountain ranges break up the state with Humphrey Peak’s elevation measuring 12,637 feet. Ski resorts attract tourists to resorts in Alpine, Tucson, and Flagstaff.

  1. Arizona is known for tasty hotdogs referred to as the Sonoran hot dog.

Hot dogs are as American as apple pie and can be prepared in many savory ways. The Sonoran hot dog is a favorite local specialty. It is wrapped in bacon and topped with onions, pinto beans, jalapenos, and tomatoes. Mayonaise and mustard add the final ingredients to this famous hot dog.

  1. The Grand Canyon is a great treasure attracting people from all over the country.

There are few national treasures that attract more attention than the Grand Canyon. Movoto describes this deep gorge as a channel of brilliant colors created over millions of years and stretching across 277 miles.

  1. Arizona is a state where you definitely need a car.

There is no substitute for having a car in Arizona. This is a state where the wide-open spaces require everyone to have a car to navigate the state. Fortunately, car insurance is typically inexpensive in the state. You simply can’t get by in this expansive state without a vehicle.

  1. Cactus is used liberally in cooking in Arizona.

If you’ve never eaten cacti, then you have probably not been in Arizona for too long. Recipes and menus reflect the popularity of cacti dishes. A few dishes known for having cacti in them are cacti tacos and prickly pear syrups.

  1. It does snow in Arizona.

With temperatures reaching as high as 120 degrees, snow is not the first thing that most people think of when they think about the state of Arizona. If you live in the mountainous areas, you will most definitely see some of the white stuff.


If you like what you’ve heard, then pack up your things. Arizona has much to offer and is waiting.