LOSCAM Malaysia Launches New Pallet Pooling Solutions

loscam steel cageLOSCAM, Asia Pacific’s leading pallet pooling service provider, has further expanded its customer solutions in Malaysia by launching new hygiene plastic pallets and metal pallet cages to compliment its well-established pallet pool.

“Hygiene plastic pallets and metal pallet cages are among the latest solutions that Loscam has developed for the FMCG industry, resulting from extensive and collaborative research with our key customers”, stated Mr. Gavin Li, Country Manager of Loscam Malaysia, who was previously responsible for developing new products and solutions for Loscam China before assuming his current role.

Loscam’s plastic hygiene pallets provide an alternative pooling solution where strict hygiene requirements for food and beverage processing exist, as they don’t absorb moisture or contaminants and are easy to clean. Additionally, Loscam’s pallet cages can be affixed to Loscam’s standard ECR wooden pallets, making them the preferred solution for storing and moving goods that are fragile, of high value and irregular shapes that require additional protection.

loscam plastic pallet“We are encouraged by the Malaysian market’s positive response to our new products, and are confident that more and more customers will start to see the value these two new products can bring to their operations”, added Mr. Li.

LOSCAM Malaysia has been providing pallet pooling services and solutions in Malaysia for more than 20 years, with its mainstream pooling equipment being the ECR Asia-standard wooden pallets. Wooden pallets have proven to be the most viable equipment for pooling due to sturdy and repairable features, well-accepted in Asia’s thriving retail and FMCG industry. With the growth of the modern retail trade industry, LOSCAM is continuously striving to develop new solutions and packaging equipment to cater to customers and the industry’s evolving needs.

loscam plastic pallets racked

loscam stacked cages