Unipooling LLC Sees Logic in iLogic’s Web Based Returnable Assets Management Software

iLogic Inc., leading developer of web-based returnable assets management software, has announced entry into an agreement with Unipooling LLC. Following a thorough evaluation process, Unipooling has selected iLogic Inc. to support its rapid and substantial growth. Moscow-based Unipooling LLC is a pioneer and leader in reuse solutions for pallets … [Read more...]

CAPS Launches Corporate Rebrand to Become CHEP Pallecon Solutions

CAPS has rebranded its Intermediate Bulk Container management business  as CHEP Pallecon Solutions. The CAPS team  - now officially CHEP Pallecon Solutions, has been North America’s leading container management partner for over 15 years, providing rental, tracking and a full service solution for returnable bulk containers . Making the transition … [Read more...]

CAPS Moves to New HQ, Colocates with CHEP Automotive

Container management provider CAPS moves to larger office facility to accommodate growth, is joined by Brambles sister company CHEP Automotive CAPS has relocated its head office. To better accommodate its ongoing growth, CAPS (Container and Pooling Solutions) has moved its headquarters to a much larger space within the same industrial park as its … [Read more...]

The Need for Intelligent Reusables

While hurdles to implementing RFID in reusable transport packaging still exist, the ongoing development of standards, emerging regulatory requirements, increasing awareness and quantification of risk exposure as well as a growing awareness of the opportunities created by intelligent reusables all continue to build the case for the adoption of … [Read more...]

ORBIS REUSABLE PACKAGING MANAGEMENT Enhances Its SmartTrak™ Asset Tracking Software

ORBIS RPM collaborates with Today IT to customize and deploy software that offers visibility of packaging throughout the global supply chain ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) is part of ORBIS Corporation, North America’s leading manufacturer of sustainable reusable packaging and an expert in supply chain optimization. ORBIS RPM … [Read more...]

RPA Reaches Out with Individual End User Membership Pass Program

The RPA has announced a new program that will give  end users of reusable packaging exposure to its programs. RPA's new Individual End User Membership Pass Program enables all regular RPA members to provide complementary Individual End User Memberships based on their membership tier: > $20 million: 10 comps $10-$20 million: 6 comps < $10 … [Read more...]

Alpha Baking Pilots Asset Tracking with the Kennedy Group and Orbis Corporation

Bakery tray loss is a serious challenge to many, if not most bakeries. A key step to reducing tray loss is through more effective management, and Alpha Baking is looking to do just that. Alpha Baking, a national distributor of fresh and frozen breads, rolls and buns with four plants and multiple depots across the United States, is testing a … [Read more...]

Smart Containers Help Prevent Loss or Theft

Is Big Brother watching your empties? When King Mountain launches its new recycling program this month, it will be utilizing RFID tagged bins that the city says will allow it to track participation, as well as to find lost or stolen containers . Read more about smart recycling containers at About.com. … [Read more...]