Sleeve Pack and Pallet Pack Vendors

Suppliers of plastic sleeve packs, also referred to as pallet packs and pallet sleeves. are listed below.

What is a sleeve pack?

A sleeve pack, also known as a pallet pack, is a unit load shipping system utilized to support, store, protect, transport and merchandise unit loads of goods or materials. The sleeve pack includes a pallet base, a top lid, as well as a foldable or two piece sleeve. The pallet and top lid are normally manufactured from plastic. The sleeve can be either corrugated cardboard or plastic, in various thicknesses, depending upon the demands of the application and the potential for retrieval and reuse.

To find out the benefits of choosing a sleeve pack solution, read this introduction to the sleeve pack.

Ready to explore the sleeve pack opportunity? Here is a list of suppliers:

Featured Sleeve Pack Vendors

CON-Pearl. Ph.  864 365-0674

ORBIS Corporation. Ph800.890.7292

RPP Containers. Ph. 800 945-8304

Shuert Technologies. Ph586 254-4590

Sohner Plastics. Ph. 734 222-4847





















Other Suppliers

Amatech. Ph. 888 321-5445

Federal Supply Services. Ph. 800 238-8147

L-S Industries. Ph. 800-825-2561

Nilkamal. Ph. 800 121-9115

Pendaform. Ph. 740 826-5000

Reusable Transport Packaging. Ph. 727 319-2300

Schoeller Allibert.

Ted Thorsen Material Handling. Ph. 800 233-8358

Universal Package Systems. Ph. 812 937-3605

WI Sales

Woodruff Corporation. Ph. 800 935-2990

Sleeve Pack All-in-One

One of the newer products on the market is the DuraGreen Pallet Pack All-in-One. It can be conveniently shipped as a collapsed single unit.