Pallet Information

Need to get up to speed quickly on basic information about pallets?  This pallet resources page is in the process of being developed just for that purpose. It is still a work in progress but look below to  find a selection of articles from as well as If you have basic informational articles you would like to add, or have clarifications or corrections to posted content, please contact us.Shuert plastic pallet


1. General Pallet Information

2. History of Pallet Usage

Short of dazzling conversational topics for your next social event? Fear no more. Pallets and their predecessor, the shop skid, definitely came into use in the early 20th Century, but pallet-like prototypes were probably in use hundreds of years or arguably thousands of years earlier.  Here are some pages that touch on the history of pallet use.

3. Pallet Management and Pools


4. Manual Pallet Handling


5. Pallet Recycling Information


6. Pallets for Export