PACK EXPO Las Vegas Enjoys Record Attendance, New Offerings and Quality Leads

PACK EXPO Las Vegas and the Reusable Packaging Pavilion provided another great event. More to follow in days ahead, but here are some quick notes.

Biggest and Best Yet

PACK EXPO Las Vegas is smaller in size than the Chicago show that alternates every other year, but it is still a high impact show, with attendance reaching a new high. Including attendees and exhibitor personnel, the total exceeded 45,000 people.

Most vendors reported PACK EXPO Las Vegas being a good value proposition this year with plenty of traffic. One exhibitor felt that overall leads were down at this time, yet the quality of leads was very promising. As attendees at this event have a stronger presence from the West, exhibitors from the East may at times be faced with freight challenges with respect to making a deal work.

pack expo 3

Sights from the Show

One particular item sprung into the forefront at PACK EXPO, and that was the new reusable corrugated plastic box from ORBIS Corporation. While there have obviously been other corrugated plastic boxes before, this is the first one designed to seamlessly replace corrugated paper boxes in automated packaging lines.

ORBIS is looking to help product manufacturers with repack operations - often in the same building or within a short distance - perfect for the switch to a reusable box.

ORBIS is looking to help large consumer product manufacturers with repack operations. Often located in the same building or within a short distance, such opportunities may be perfect for the switch to using an automation-friendly reusable box in a closed loop.


PTM Offers One Way Pallet, and Retail Crate

PTM unveiled new products at this year’s show, including its cost-effective One-Way plastic export pallet, and the Retail Crate. The new crate has been designed for the retail industry, including department stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Both stackable and nestable, the lightweight crate is designed for transportation efficiency and convenient storage. It features a double lid with a tab for crossed closure at the center of the crate. The crate’s hinge-free lid is incorporated into the body of the crate. Both of these features enhance safety and reduce bending when stacked.


The One Way Pallet is on display at left.

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