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Are you looking for a metal pallet supplier? Metal pallets are known to be the “cleanest” pallets on the market in terms of ability to sanitization, but also often some of the highest priced units. Whether aluminum, stainless steel or steel, extruded profile, wire or rolled sheet, nestable or rackable, there are several options to consider in terms of performance, style and material. A first step is to consider the challenges you face in your supply chain application and understand the  options that best fit your needs.

Here is a list of steel, aluminum and stainless steel pallet suppliers that will help expedite your search. As word of caution, while Pallet Buyers Guide has relationships with some of these providers that go back many years, prospective buyers of any products displayed at are always urged to undertake their own due diligence with respect to vendor selection.


Metal Pallet Suppliers

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