Helps Associated Newspapers Meet Daily Deadline

The Newspaper Industry thrives on meeting tight deadlines to deliver breaking news., the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and containers, is an integral part of operations at Associated Newspapers.

Associated Newspapers prints 24 million newspapers per week including the Daily Mail, the Metro, The Mail on Sunday and supplements You, Weekend, Travel Mail and Live – a significant slice of the UK’s daily transportation of 12 million newspapers.newspaper pallet

Chris Cadman, National Logistics Manager at Mail Publisher Solutions, part of Associated Newspapers, said the switch to plastic pallets was imperative in meeting tight schedules. He said: “Our Print Centre prints the newspapers ready for distribution to start at 10.30pm and distributes throughout the night to 90 different wholesale points. Distribution must be finished by 8am the next morning. The wholesalers then supply 55,000 retailers.”

Using robust plastic pallets that are lighter than their wooden equivalent, Associated Newspapers reduced costs in transportation and fuel spending. A further saving was made when advised Associated Newspapers to switch to medium duty pallets from heavy duty pallets. Plastic pallets suit the automated palletisers used by Mail Publisher Solutions. Chris said: “We have been using Go Plastic Pallets for three years and have found them very professional, we receive excellent customer service. They work with us to meet our strict lead times. “

Stamped with the message ‘This pallet remains the property of Associated Newspapers’ the pallets are easy to identify – an important factor in a time-pressured industry and one that could otherwise greatly increase annual costs. They are collected by the drivers and returned to the print centre ready for the entire process to start again the next day.

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