Modern’s 2017 Pallet Survey and Webcast Highlights

Modern Materials Handling recently released the welcome results of its 2017 reader pallet survey, along with the accompanying annual webcast, featuring remarks from Dr. Mark White (click here to watch the presentation replay.) As an annual survey, it is one of the few consistent windows we have into the U.S. pallet market. (We also just posted the … [Read more...]

AusContact Awards Recognise Best Contact Centres

CHEP Australia has been recognised as a state finalist for Best Centre Team, announced on 30 August 2017. This award considered results from individual submissions and interviews. Individuals from CHEP Australia were interviewed for roles including; customer contact professional, operations champion, people champion, team leader and team … [Read more...]

Still No Respect: Australian Industry Survey Continues to Look at Pallets as “Necessary Evil”; Challenged by Pallet Management and Loss

  In spite of all the hype about Internet of Things, Big Data, food hygiene and more emerging trends, a new pallet survey from Australia shows that pallets still are viewed as a necessary evil rather than as an opportunity to enhance their supply chains. Offered as an online survey, the Australian Pallet Survey 2017 received responses from … [Read more...]

Loscam Adds Innovative Vibes to Taiwan Logistic & IOT Exhibition

Participating as an invited Exhibitor at the recent 22nd Taipei International Logistics & IOT Exhibition, Loscam Taiwan showcased some of its regional-specific and innovative solutions since the company’s official opening earlier in May this year. Senior executives from the logistic, transportation, manufacturing, food & beverage and … [Read more...]

Jel Sert Switches to CHEP Half Pallets, Achieves 100% Customer Satisfaction

Collaboration leads to improved quality, increased efficiency, reduced product damage and greater sustainability benefits for Jel Sert. Jel Sert avoided 100,000 pounds of CO2 and nearly 130,000 pounds of solid waste with use of CHEP platforms. Jel Sert is known as the “makers of fun foods” like freezer bars, desserts, and beverages. The … [Read more...]

RM2 Faces Cash Crunch, Appoints New CEO

Composite IoT pallet and pooling operator RM2 needs funding to continue its growth Composite pallet and pooling provider RM2 is facing a challenge to arrange new funding, according to a report in the Sunday Times. The company, which enticed investors with its high tech pallet, enhanced by sensors and IoT technologies, “has burnt through more … [Read more...]

Brambles Announces Its Intention to Divest Its Recycled Pallets Business in North America

Following the completion of a strategic review, Brambles has announced that it intends to divest its non-core North American recycled whitewood pallet business, CHEP Recycled. CHEP Recycled provides a network of pallet management services in the USA and Canada that supplies and recycles over 90 million primarily whitewood pallets annually. … [Read more...]

Tegut’s Euro Pallet Management Benefits from PAKi and Pooling Partners

German grocery retailer cooperates with Pooling Partners to enhance pallet management and to address seasonal variations. Voucher system enables inbound shippers options for later pallet retrieval or transfer, eliminating complexities and logistical inefficiencies related to pallet exchange.  Tegut enjoyed revenues of just under one billion … [Read more...]

LOSCAM Invests in Brand New Equipment Repair Facility in Richlands Brisbane

LOSCAM is currently celebrating its 75th Anniversary since its foundation and it was further celebrated with the cutting of the red ribbon to officially open their new Brisbane Pallet Repair facility located in the new industrial park within Richlands on July 18, 2017. Gathered with more than 120 dignitaries, customers, suppliers, executive team … [Read more...]

Tosca Announces Partnership with Hollar & Greene

Tosca to Provide Reusable Plastic Containers to Support H&G’s Growing Business Tosca, an industry-leading provider of reusable packaging and supply chain solutions announced today a partnership with Hollar & Greene, the Southeast’s largest cabbage provider. Together the two organizations will enable the shipment of Hollar & Greene … [Read more...]