Clip Strip Corp. Announces the Innovative “Pallet Floor Protector”

Clip Strip Corp., a global leader in products for retail merchandising, is expanding its offerings beyond Point of Purchase (POP) merchandising to include store asset protection and improved pallet mobility. The company has just announced the release of its newest product, the Pallet Floor Protector. The innovative item raises pallets .35” off of … [Read more...]

Cut the Scrap! 8 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Pallets and Crating

Looking to dispose of wood pallets and packaging? You can get rid of scrap pallets or crating material quickly with a little planning. The accumulation of scrap wood pallets, dunnage and wooden crating is a problem for many facilities. In a perfect world, you would be able to quickly the used pallets, but depending upon your supply chain, … [Read more...]

Two or Four Way Pallets?

 John Shawyer, the author, is Director of Associated Pallets. He explains the basic differences of 4-way and 2-way pallets. To the uninitiated eye, a pallet is simply a pallet. We're aware of wooden pallets in use in DIY stores or see them supporting tinned goods in the supermarket, but how many of us know the difference between a two-way pallet … [Read more...]

PECO Pallet Celebrates 20 Years of Quality and Service

PECO Pallet Inc., a pooled pallet provider based in Irvington, New York, recently celebrated its 20th year in business. Over the last two decades, the company has grown from a cooperative effort of regional pallet recyclers and manufacturers into a North American leader in pallet pooling with an outstanding reputation for delivering high-quality … [Read more...]

RM2 AT&T Case Study: Unlocking the Potential of Connected, Reusable Pallets

  RM2, the sustainable composite pallet innovator, reports that AT&T has completed its case study on the potential of using RM2’s connected pallets, to help them reach their 2025 goal to enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of AT&T’s operations by enhancing the efficiency of its network and delivering sustainable customer … [Read more...]

Germany Wood Pallet and Packaging Statistics: Market Grew by 5.7% in 2016, Production of Over 100 Million Pallets for the First Time

  Bonn. Manufacturers of pallets, wood packagings and cable drums in Germany enjoyed stable sales and increased production volumes in 2016. Wood pallet output increased rose by 4.4%, while the manufacture of wooden crates fell by around 3.7%, Pallet manufacturing volume achieved an all-time high of more than 100 million units. "The good … [Read more...]

German Sugar Producer Optimizes Pallet Handling with CHEP

Cologne, June 22, 2017 - Nordzucker, one of the leading sugar producers in Europe, is now using CHEP for its logistics processes: the supply chain supply company supplies the Nordzucker with its high-quality rental pallets. With around 3200 employees at 18 European locations, Nordzucker supplies the food industry, retailers, and consumers with its … [Read more...]

Paper and Corrugated Cardboard Pallet Buyers Guide and Suppliers List

Paper pallets, including corrugated cardboard pallets and honeycomb, are valued for a number of attributes, including ISPM-15 compliance, sanitation, their light weight and ease of recycling. Because they are so easily recycled, they provide an alternative to reusable pallets where reverse logistics is a challenge. They are great for one-way … [Read more...]

The Beginning of Paper Pallets – a Short History

The history of paper pallets began with an interest in eliminating the need to return pallets, as well as reduction of pallet weight and pallet cost. Paper pallets emerged as a product of interest in the 1940s due to challenges associated with wood and metal pallets. The benefits that pallet designers saw in paper pallets still hold true for … [Read more...]

Brexit not Brex-hate

The UK boss of a European supply chain company said that political posturing and pre-BREXIT antagonistic rhetoric does not represent the true state of the nation when it comes to cross-border trade. Phil Storer, the UK director of Pooling Partners, Europe’s largest pooler and manufacturer of sustainable wooden pallets to the supply chain, said … [Read more...]