CHEP expands pallet business in Central Europe with Trisa, Kanban approach utilized

CHEP is expanding its business with Trisa AG: the supplier of oral care products based in Switzerland has decided to gradually replace white exchange pallets in its entire supply chain To pooling pallets from CHEP. Jonas Vonesch, Head of Logistics at Trisa, summarizes the advantages: "With CHEP pallets, we do not have the problems we face with … [Read more...]

People, Pallets, Planet: C&S Wholesale Grocers and The Fund Celebrate 10 Years of Partnership and Sustainability Leadership

The largest food wholesaler in the country marks milestone by investing in working forests to offset forest footprint of 20,000 wood pallets. This year, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. and The Conservation Fund celebrate a decade-long partnership to address climate change and habitat loss by protecting and restoring America’s forests. To … [Read more...]

Roundup: CHEP Signs Three Year Deal with Cott, RePack Wins Award in China

CHEP Signs New Agreement with Cott to Become Its Pallet Provider in the U.S. CHEP signs new three-year agreement with Cott for CHEP pooled pallets. Companies to collaborate on supply chain optimization solutions. CHEP, the global leader in pooling and supply chain management solutions for the supply of pooled pallets in the United … [Read more...]

Paper and Corrugated Cardboard Pallet Buyers Guide and Suppliers List

Paper pallets, including corrugated cardboard pallets and honeycomb, are valued for a number of attributes, including ISPM-15 compliance, sanitation, their light weight and ease of recycling. Because they are so easily recycled, they provide an alternative to reusable pallets where reverse logistics is a challenge. They are great for one-way … [Read more...]

The Eternal Question: Hardwood or Softwood Pallets?

Should your wood pallets be made of hardwood or softwood? Since the beginning of time, there have been a handful of primal questions that emerge from the core of our souls.  Questions that, if we could only positively answer them, would elevate our existence.  You probably thought about them the last time you shared a sunset, watched the waves … [Read more...]

One Size Fits All Approach Isn’t Good for Package Optimization: Here’s Why

By Megan Ray Nichols The concept of a one-size-fits-all approach is a touchy subject. While it's useful in some cases, particularly clothing, it doesn't translate so well when it comes to manufacturing. Nonetheless, many manufacturers continue to use this approach because of its standardized and simplified nature. Citing efficiency and … [Read more...]

New Softwood Duty Will Have Implications for Pallet Markets

Pallet kits are no longer exempt and will be subject to duty, resulting in more expensive Canadian pallet lumber for U.S. wood pallet manufacturers. This week, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced the preliminary determination in the countervailing duty (CVD) investigation of softwood lumber from Canada. The Department of … [Read more...]

Plasgad Introduces New Lightweight Plastic Pallets in Euro and North American Sizes

Plasgad has recently launched two plastic pallets, the 1200x800 mm 805plus and 48x40-inch (1219x1016 mm) 107. These two new models expand the company’s lightweight pallets range. The development of the two offerings was driven by Plasgad’s interest in providing customers a choice from a full selection of solutions to best meet their material … [Read more...]

ORBIS Explores the Benefits of Plastic Pallets for Food Processing Applications

ORBIS reps promote benefits of plastic pallets from a food industry perspective at Promat 2017, including hygiene, automation compatibility and more. Two representatives of ORBIS Corporation, which manufactures reusable plastic packaging, including pallets, spoke on the topic, ‘Selecting the Right Hygienic Pallet for Your Food Processing … [Read more...]

Green Ox® Pallet Technology and AllPak Container Announce Strategic Partnership

Allpak to add Green Ox® corrugated pallets to their product line. Green Ox® Pallet Technology, the exclusive global provider of Green Ox corrugated pallets and the patented Green Ox and Box, has introduced a strategic partnership with Washington-based Allpak Container, a national leader in packaging and display products. Allpak Container … [Read more...]