Brambles Announces Its Intention to Divest Its Recycled Pallets Business in North America

Following the completion of a strategic review, Brambles has announced that it intends to divest its non-core North American recycled whitewood pallet business, CHEP Recycled. CHEP Recycled provides a network of pallet management services in the USA and Canada that supplies and recycles over 90 million primarily whitewood pallets annually. … [Read more...]

New White Paper Analyzes Molded Wood Pallets for Strength, Functionality in One-Way Shipping

Stiffness matters, when it comes to pallet and unit load performance, and based on a recent study, Litco's Inca molded pallets were found to be twice as stiff as GMA pallet designs. Litco International, Inc. has announced the publication of a new white paper: "A COMPARISON OF PALLET STRENGTH and FUNCTIONALITY." The 12-page white paper, … [Read more...]

Tegut’s Euro Pallet Management Benefits from PAKi and Pooling Partners

German grocery retailer cooperates with Pooling Partners to enhance pallet management and to address seasonal variations. Voucher system enables inbound shippers options for later pallet retrieval or transfer, eliminating complexities and logistical inefficiencies related to pallet exchange.  Tegut enjoyed revenues of just under one billion … [Read more...]

LOSCAM Invests in Brand New Equipment Repair Facility in Richlands Brisbane

LOSCAM is currently celebrating its 75th Anniversary since its foundation and it was further celebrated with the cutting of the red ribbon to officially open their new Brisbane Pallet Repair facility located in the new industrial park within Richlands on July 18, 2017. Gathered with more than 120 dignitaries, customers, suppliers, executive team … [Read more...]

Reusable Packaging Repair or Rebuy? Questions with Answers from Allen Plastic Repair (APR)

  How does your company handle storage and shipping? Depending on the task, one-time use containers might be an option, but it’s likely that reusable containers could offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. If you’re already using reusable containers or considering it, there’s another question to consider: should you repair … [Read more...]

What Is a Pallet?

The pallet, typically a form of tertiary packaging, is a flat structure used as a base for the unitization of goods in the supply chain. The MH1-2016 standard defines the pallet as a "portable, horizontal, rigid, composite platform used as (a) base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling and transporting goods as a unit load; often equipped … [Read more...]


After a long history of providing fire-retardant plastic pallets, ORBIS has developed its own proprietary material that also is FDA-compliant ORBIS®  Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, recently developed and launched Proliant™, a fire-retardant plastic material for use in select plastic pallets. It is approved by Factory … [Read more...]

Gunilla Beyer, 1948 – 2017

TIMCON was sad to recently announce that its colleague and friend Gunilla Beyer of the Swedish Forest Industry Federation (SFIF) had passed away unexpectedly at the age of 68. She had only recently retired to enjoy time with her children and grandchildren. Gunilla was dedicated to the wood industry, spending 40 years working in the Swedish wood … [Read more...]

Standard Pallet Sizes in Inches and Centimeters; the Strategic Importance of Choosing the Right Size

A review of standard pallet dimensions, why standard sizes are important in supply chain operations, and a list of pallet standards resources. There are a number of standard sizes for pallets being used in the United States and internationally. They vary between countries, as well as between industries. This article lists standard size … [Read more...]

Five Forgotten Pallet Management Tips from World War ll

One seldom tapped resource for reusable pallet and container management best practices is to look in the rearview mirror. Over the years I’ve talked to veteran and retired managers of in-house pallet programs who had the pallet management game mastered. Unfortunately, the management expertise reaped by these programs often ends up lost as … [Read more...]