RPP Containers Provides Recycling Program for Broken or Obsolete Plastic Containers

Offers Cash or Credit for Old Plastic Bulk Containers If you aren’t sure how to recycle your obsolete, broken or unwanted plastic bulk containers you are not alone. Reusable packaging is typically extremely durable, to such an extent that it can live beyond the life of a particular application and become obsolete. In addition, even robust … [Read more...]

Mango saves 70% warehouse space with custom-made, reusable, nesting boxes

  Mango, a world famous clothing company was looking for a reusable and nestable box to use in the 250,000 m² fully automated distribution center in Barcelona. Mango chose DS Smith Plastics’ Injection Moulded products to design a box to meet all their expectations. The Challenge The boxes that Mango previously used did not comply with the … [Read more...]

Pallet and Reusable Packaging Videos

Here is our roundup of recent videos or interest. Contraload News European pooler Contraload provides an entertaining perspective on the history of pooling. https://youtu.be/pms3RIv5qVs Container Management Made Easy / Wave Reaction Do you need a container intervention? The case for reusable packaging management is simply and … [Read more...]

Amatech Launches Fully Responsive New Website

Easily explore divider and partition options for various reusable packaging categories, lamination and polyurea coating choices. As well as, many other Returnable Packaging products, Site includes a comprehensive cost calculator. Amatech, Inc. has just launched its comprehensive new website. The goal of the custom reusable packaging specialist … [Read more...]

Reusable Packaging Repair or Rebuy? Questions with Answers from Allen Plastic Repair (APR)

  How does your company handle storage and shipping? Depending on the task, one-time use containers might be an option, but it’s likely that reusable containers could offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. If you’re already using reusable containers or considering it, there’s another question to consider: should you repair … [Read more...]

The Pallet Stops There, The Cost Stops Here

"Why can't we just all get along?" Jack Nicholson asked the Martian invaders in his role of U.S. President in the 1996 movie Mars Attacks!  That was just before he got zapped. When it comes to reusable transport packaging, the good news is that we can. The challenge is to set the correct framework of asset accountability in place to make it happen … [Read more...]

Pallet Pools Offer Public Warehouses New Service Opportunities (Historic Reprint)

from D & W, January 1945 www.packagingrevolution.net is pleased to present another key article from the formative years of palletization. After the war, between one and three million surplus pallets may be disposed of by the government. Commercial shipments of palletized unit loads are expected to become common. Some pooling method for … [Read more...]

The 21st Century Farm

By William Barne William Barne is a Director at Lycetts Agricultural practices will need to continue to develop and become more efficient if the findings of recent research pieces are anything to go by. For instance, PwC has reported on expert views that agricultural consumption will need to increase by close to 70 per cent by 2050 to … [Read more...]

The Importance of Product Protection in Ensuring Collaborative Supply Chains: The Case Study of the Egg Carton

Product damage leads to finger pointing until egg carton delivers a win-win solution The year is 1911, and diners pause as an argument erupts at a Smithers B.C. hotel where a number of patrons, including 40-year-old newspaperman Joseph Coyle, are having breakfast. The disagreement is not a new one, according to Fergus Tomlin, director of the … [Read more...]

Introduction to Sleeve Pack Shipping Systems

The corrugated plastic sleeve pack, also known as the pallet pack, is widely deployed in Europe, now making inroads in North America. It provides a flexible, lower cost approach to reusable packaging than rigid intermediate bulk containers, while providing a very attractive alternative to expendable packaging in many applications. What is a … [Read more...]