Plastic Pallet Buyers Guide: Supplier List

Are you looking for a plastic pallet vendor? A first step is to consider the challenges you face in your supply chain application and understand the  options that best fit your needs. Here is a list of plastic pallet suppliers that will help expedite your search. As word of caution, while Pallet Buyers Guide has relationships with several of … [Read more...]

Wood Pallet Sustainability Highlighted at FEFPEB Congress

FEFPEB meeting highlights central role for wooden pallets and packaging in circular economy Delegates at the 67th congress of the European Federation of Wooden Pallet & Packaging Manufacturers (FEFPEB) heard how pallets and packaging made from wood are the perfect components of a circular economy. In his welcoming address to the annual … [Read more...]

MDI Now Offers Corrugated Polypropylene Packaging, Looks to Expand and Create More Jobs

  Social Enterprise Sees Its Workforce as a Competitive Advantage MDI’s announcement in September that it was expanding its product line to include corrugated polypropylene marks the latest evolution of the company, which over the last 23 years has gradually expanded its packaging business. It started with the U.S. Postal Service (over … [Read more...]

Wood Pallets: Are You Getting What You Paid For?

There are undoubtedly hundreds of purchasers that get the pallet spend tossed in their lap but never receive the resources and support needed to manage it in a professional, informed manner. Often a proper specification doesn’t exist, making it impossible to communicate what is necessary from the vendors. Additionally, purchasers seldom possess the … [Read more...]

That don’t impress me much… (3 Ways Reusables Are Evolving)

Reflecting on 15 years and counting of Returnable Transit Packaging design Britney Spears, Ricky Martin and Shania Twain were all big in 1999. They had made it and were household names. I, however, was just starting out, but in a completely different field of endeavour; returnable transportp ackaging design. Admittedly I had chosen the far less … [Read more...]

Reusable Packaging and Retail Ready Packaging: Comments from Stewart Samuel of IGD

In our post on reusable packaging and its role in the UK's retail ready packaging movement, we interviewed Angus Wolfendale, MD of Foxwood. Following a query to IGD, Stewart Samuel of that organisation was kind enough to weigh in below on the specific topic of reusables within the scope of retail ready packaging. RTP (Reusable transport … [Read more...]

Retail Ready Packaging and RTP: A View from the UK

Back in 2010 I posted to a LinkedIn group about retail ready packaging, and in particular, to a story on RRP which is no longer available online. One thing that struck me about the article was that reusable transport packaging was not mentioned explicitly. Back in the 1990s, I commented, it seemed that being shelf ready was one of the enormous … [Read more...]

CHEP’s Solutions Portfolio Bears Fruit for Customers

CHEP Supply Chain Solutions Generate Over $30 Million in Value, Reduce 13 Million Pounds of CO2 This just in from Fresh Summit 2016, CHEP’s Solutions Portfolio is bearing fruit for customers. Data released at the Produce Marketing Association’s annual event reveals that consumer products companies partnering with CHEP to optimize their … [Read more...]

Green Pallets Stand Out for B&Q

Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Awards have recognized the collaboration between Scott Pallets and B&Q that led to the transformational and unique ‘Green Pallet Scheme.' As a result, the pair shared the  Best Business to Business Partnership Award at the recent London award ceremony. The Responsible Business Awards are widely … [Read more...]

Annual Pallet Survey Provides Glimpse of the U.S. Pallet Market

Annual Pallet Survey Sees Increased Interest in Alternative Materials for Export Modern Material Handling Magazine has announced results of its 2016 pallet user survey, which was based on 286 responses from people employed at locations that use pallets. The research was undertaken by the Peerless Research Group (PRG). The results, as usual, … [Read more...]