Innovative Plastic Pallet Design Delivers Ultra Durability for Ultra Pallet

Plastic pallet case study. A few years ago, one large major manufacturing/distribution company found that simply switching to plastic pallets was not the complete answer, and this is where the story of the remarkable Ultra Pallet begins. The customer had originally switched to plastic pallets for a number of reasons, including better hygiene … [Read more...]

Metal Pallet Buyers Guide – Supplier List

Are you looking for a metal pallet supplier? Metal pallets are known to be the "cleanest" pallets on the market in terms of ability to sanitization, but also often some of the highest priced units. Whether aluminum, stainless steel or steel, extruded profile, wire or rolled sheet, nestable or rackable, there are several options to consider in terms … [Read more...]

Innovating in the Liquid IBC Market: An Interview With HOREN Plastics

Reusable Packaging News recently touched base in Europe to talk about intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) - also known as folding bins, with Stefan Schweiger, Director Business Development EMEA at HOREN Plastics. Among other points, Schweiger shared his excitement about innovation in the reusable packaging industry, particularly in reusable liquid … [Read more...]

How It All Unfolded in 2016: A Year in Bulk

When it comes to intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or large rigid folding containers for the material handling of parts, powders and liquids, here were the top announcements and articles featured over the last year at Buckhorn® expands Intrepid™ IBC product line March: Buckhorn Inc., a leading provider of reusable … [Read more...]

Pallet Pooling in Real Time: Over 40 Years Service and Continued Technology Leadership for Japan Pallet Rental

With a pool of over 8.5 million pallets, Japan Pallet Rental Corporation is the leading pallet rental provider in Japan. And while it was launched as wood pallet rental service back in 1971, it began introducing plastic pallets in 2000. Today, plastic pallets encompass over 65% of its pallet inventory, and almost 100% of those plastic pallets are … [Read more...]

Container Rental Systems Conserve Resources for Businesses and the Environment

By Paul Mendes Reusable packaging such as bulk containers, handheld totes, and plastic pallets prove to be a more sustainable choice than typical one-way packaging such as cardboard for a multitude of reasons, the major one being cardboard containers get discarded after each use.  Reusable containers, on the other hand, have much longer … [Read more...]

Voxware Research Indicates That Returns Process Remains Flawed 

24% of consumers report receiving an incorrect item for a second time after already returning an incorrect order Voxware, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for distribution operations, has released research highlighting why consumers return items purchased online or by phone and how their experiences with the returns process … [Read more...]

Nearly Half of U.S. Adults Do Not Have Information on Recycling Available to Them

People are forced to seek out on information on how to recycle According to a new survey released by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), and conducted online by Harris Poll, more than 103 million Americans1 over the age of 18 must rely on their own devices to figure out what can and cannot be recycled, information about the … [Read more...]

CHEP Grants a Christmas Wish for The Smith Family

CHEP, a global leader in supply chain management solutions, is proud to support the local communities where it operates in. Again this Christmas, the CHEP team has been working around the clock alongside The Smith Family to make this festive season a  special period for those in need. The team has issued, delivered and collected CHEP … [Read more...]

What Happened to the “Cadillac” Pallets of 1961?

Simply summed up, pallet users are finding that the per-use cost of a pallet is far more important than the purchase price -something we've been saying in the pallet industry for years. The only difference today is that a man who wants to apply this principle to his pallet program has better pallets to work with. Bill Sardo, quoted in the August … [Read more...]