All You Need to Know About Automating Your Packaging Line

There are numerous reasons to install automated packaging systems, but several questions pop up when you consider automation. How much automation is right for your packaging line, when is the right time to automate, which processes can you automate for the highest ROI? This article will answer some of those questions. Read on. 5 Factors to … [Read more...]

Automotive on the Move with Reusables

When it comes to reusable packaging and innovation, the automotive supply chain has rarely been far from the forefront. Here is our take on the latest highlights for reusable packaging and pallets in automotive and industrial applications. Trends such as global supply chains, pooling, more lightweight, sensitive parts, flatter walls and better … [Read more...]

Corrugated Packaging Alliance Critical of Updated IFCO RPC Life Cycle Assessment But Misses the Mark

The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) has come back swinging in response to the new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) published by IFCO, a provider of reusable plastic containers (RPCs). CPA states curiously that IFCO "attempts to discredit the corrugated packaging industry for having the highest recovery rate of any packaging system in America."  More … [Read more...]

Green Ox® Pallet Technology Takes Aim at “Less Than Pallet” Market With Its Versatile Green Ox® & Box

Talking Points: The unit load packaging sector continues to generate momentum in the area of small footprint (half and quarter) pallets as well as mini-bulk containers. The new Green Ox® & Box addresses the need for “Less-Than-Pallet™” unit loads with a convenient, lightweight solution that can be shipped unassembled in kit form to … [Read more...]

Trends Impacting IBC Design and Pooling

Intermediate bulk container (IBC) manufacturers and poolers are seeing new trends driven primarily from manufacturing competition and developments affecting the industries they serve.  Packaging Revolution recently spoke with Justin Bean, a Business Development Manager at Reusable Transport Packaging, and Drew Merrill, the Vice President and … [Read more...]

Pallet and Reusable Packaging Videos

Here is our roundup of recent videos or interest. Container Management Made Easy / Wave Reaction Do you need a container intervention? The case for reusable packaging management is simply and eloquently stated in this video. The angst of container loss and runaway spending can almost always be remedied by investing a small proportion of that … [Read more...]

Choose Reusables Conference: Barriers Broken

This article was first posted on Nov. 6, 2009 The 2009 Choose Reusables Conference offered a unique opportunity for users of reusable packaging to interface with service and product providers. I've been to a lot of conferences over the years, and invariably the best ones are those which bring the stakeholders together to address opportunities … [Read more...]

Reusable Packaging Repair or Rebuy? Questions with Answers from Allen Plastic Repair (APR)

This article on reusable packaging repair first appeared on May 21, 2013. How does your company handle storage and shipping? Depending on the task, one-time use containers might be an option, but it’s likely that reusable containers could offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. If you’re already using reusable containers, or … [Read more...]

RPP Containers Introduces new Pallet Pack All-in-One

  This announcement originally appeared on Sept. 8, 2015 The DuraGreen Pallet Pack from RPP Containers has been a favorite of shipping and warehousing operations since the product’s inception in 2011. The lightweight, 60 lb., reusable container, consisting of three interlocking and nestable components – plastic pallet, sleeve, and … [Read more...]

DS Smith Announces Launch of New Foldable Container Designed for Speed

This announcement originally appeared on November 22, 2014 DS Smith, Plastics Division has announced the official launch of a new fold-flat plastics container, noting it recently won the Magna Logistics Supplier’s award for innovation. The Duca-Pak™ is the most recent addition its line of Uni-Pak foldable containers, which DS Smith says are … [Read more...]