The Super Power of Corporate Pallet Program Management

Reasons why a national pallet procurement and management program can be beneficial versus each facility making pallet decisions in a vacuum.   Whether a purchaser is really interested or really skeptical of national pallet programs versus their local pallet provider, they often find their way to the same questions: How can your … [Read more...]

Brambles: BXB Digital Speaks at Automotive Logistics Supply Chain Conference

IIoT: BXB Digital looks to visibility opportunity first in Supply Chain as a Solution services provision. Shankar Jayaraman Senior Director BXB Digital was one of the several accomplished speakers at the recent Supply Chain Conference, hosted by Automotive Logistics Magazine in Atlanta. To take a step back, BXB Digital was launched by … [Read more...]

The Eternal Question: Hardwood or Softwood Pallets?

Should your wood pallets be made of hardwood or softwood? Since the beginning of time, there have been a handful of primal questions that emerge from the core of our souls.  Questions that, if we could only positively answer them, would elevate our existence.  You probably thought about them the last time you shared a sunset, watched the waves … [Read more...]

The Beginning of Paper Pallets – a Short History

The history of paper pallets began with an interest in eliminating the need to return pallets, as well as reduction of pallet weight and pallet cost. Paper pallets emerged as a product of interest in the 1940s due to challenges associated with wood and metal pallets. The benefits that pallet designers saw in paper pallets still hold true for … [Read more...]

Pallets an Integral Component of Automated Material Handling Systems

Forget pallets at your peril when designing automated systems. Better performance and substantial cost savings can be achieved through integrated design. Ralph Rupert, manager of unit load technology for Millwood Inc., spoke on the topic, ‘Pallet Performance in Automated Storage Systems’ at ProMat 2017. Millwood is a national pallet supplier … [Read more...]

Nexans and ffly4u connect customers to their cable drums through the Internet of Things

Nexans and ffly4u, an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) specialist, are pioneering a tracking and management service that not only lets DSO customers know the exact location of their drums, it even tells them how much cable is left. Returnable cable drums are the unsung workhorse of the cable manufacturing Industry. Typically, they provide … [Read more...]

Circular Economy: Its Importance and Benefits

NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology – Online MBA … [Read more...]

Reusables Drive the Trifecta of Benefits for Sustainability, Says RPA’s Tim Debus

Reusable packaging offers sustainability benefits and supports the circular economy; e-commerce is an exciting new frontier   Tim Debus, President and CEO of the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), gave a presentation on the topic, ‘Reusable Packaging for a Sustainable Supply Chain’ at ProMat 2017's Sustainability Theater, … [Read more...]

Reducing Reusable Packaging Losses Using Smart Logistics

'Why is a beer truck here to pick up our old computers?' and other reports from the frontline.  ReturnCenter offers tips for efficient reverse logistics of reusable packaging.   Shawn Stockman, director of business solutions for ReturnCenter, talked about the company’s website and services as well as customer case histories. The … [Read more...]

Why Fear-Based Marketing Is a Mistake for Corrugated in Its Ongoing Tiff with RPCs

Corrugated versus RPCs debate fails to embrace the broader implications of using negative marketing. The rise of the wood pallet for shipping from the 1940s onward allowed corrugated carton usage to become not only feasible but to flourish as the wooden box market plummeted. Box plants closed in droves. A few operations survived by focusing on … [Read more...]