Why Quarter Pallets? FAQ

Quarter pallets can deliver added benefits to the last mile of retail distribution. Small or fractional pallets, including quarter and half pallets, can help provide a powerful boost in floor ready retail sales while increasing efficiencies over the “last mile” of retail distribution. Is the quarter pallet the right choice for your POS (point of … [Read more...]

Metal Pallet Buyers Guide – Supplier List

Are you looking for a metal pallet supplier? Metal pallets are known to be the "cleanest" pallets on the market in terms of ability to sanitization, but also often some of the highest priced units. Whether aluminum, stainless steel or steel, extruded profile, wire or rolled sheet, nestable or rackable, there are several options to consider in terms … [Read more...]

Plastic Pallet Buyers Guide: Supplier List

Are you looking for a plastic pallet vendor? A first step is to consider the challenges you face in your supply chain application and understand the  options that best fit your needs. Here is a list of plastic pallet suppliers that will help expedite your search. As word of caution, while Pallet Buyers Guide has relationships with several of … [Read more...]

PTM Introduces Fusion Pallet, Broadens Plastic Pallet Range

Technology allows PTM to develop unique material handling solutions Continuing its reputation for developing industry leading material handling solutions for industry, PTM has introduced its newest plastic pallet innovation, the Fusion Pallet. Fusion Pallet represents the evolution of its predecessor, the Ultra Pallet®. Designed with … [Read more...]

Cut the Scrap! Get Rid of Unwanted Pallets and Crating

Looking to get rid of unwanted wood pallets and packaging? Remove scrap pallets or crating material quickly with a little planning Some manufacturing plants, warehouses, terminals and retail outlets experience problems with the accumulation of unwanted pallets. Reasons includ: The facility is only waiting for a critical mass to develop … [Read more...]

12 Benefits of Buying Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets offer some terrific benefits in the right applications. Here are 12 benefits to consider.   Why buy plastic pallets? While pallets made of wood, plastic, metal and paper all have their place in the right application, when it comes to buying plastic pallets for your material handling needs, here are some of the … [Read more...]

Pallet Resource Guide 2016

Pallets: What Can Go Wrong? Welcome to the first installment of the 2016 Pallet Resource Guide. When it comes to pallets, quite a bit can go wrong if they are treated as an afterthought or as “just a pallet.” Adverse outcomes can range the spectrum from pallet collapse and production downtime to angry customers or fatality. While it is … [Read more...]

Steel Innovative: Reusable Steel Pallets and Shipping Racks Adapt to Emerging Supply Chain Needs

Metal packaging, in the form of steel pallets,shipping racks and other transport packaging systems has served industries for decades of tireless service. Whether you are involved in automotive, industrial, fresh meat, dairy and egg, post and parcel, or any number of other applications, you will likely be acquainted with steel reusable packaging … [Read more...]

Buying Export Pallets – Focus on Plastic and Presswood

Export pallet buyers increasingly turn to the benefits of plastic and presswood pallets for international shipment. While the market for export pallets continues to be dominated by heat treated wood units, one trend has been the growing interest in alternative materials, predominantly plastic, presswood and paper pallets. In a 2003 academic … [Read more...]

Top 10 Export Palletization and Pallet Selection Tips

Attention to pallet selection and palletization practices for export can make all the difference in acheiving a superior experience for the customer when receiving your product. Here is a list of tips to consider when choosing the right pallet and palletizing your load for international shipment: Prepare your shipment for extreme conditions. … [Read more...]