Automotive on the Move with Reusables

When it comes to reusable packaging and innovation, the automotive supply chain has rarely been far from the forefront. Here is our take on the latest highlights for reusable packaging and pallets in automotive and industrial applications. Trends such as global supply chains, pooling, more lightweight, sensitive parts, flatter walls and better … [Read more...]

Trends Impacting IBC Design and Pooling

Intermediate bulk container (IBC) manufacturers and poolers are seeing new trends driven primarily from manufacturing competition and developments affecting the industries they serve.  Packaging Revolution recently spoke with Justin Bean, a Business Development Manager at Reusable Transport Packaging, and Drew Merrill, the Vice President and … [Read more...]

Roundup: CabCube 1210 Has Become a Hit, Axios Mobile Assets Receiver Appointed, Macro Plastics EuroBin 1210 IBC, AFP Inc. Acquires Division of EPA

Folding Sleeve Pack: Enthusiasm for CabCube 1210 Stacks Up! Since its launch at IMHX last year, the CabCube 1210 has been a hit with customers," reports Rebecca Hardisty, PR and Marketing Manager for the firm. One of the main highlights of the show, she says, was how visitors responded to the … [Read more...]

Surgere, Inc. President and CEO William Wappler to Present at Global Automotive Logistics Conference in Mexico.

Asset location technologies and analytics specialist Surgere to speak, host reception at Automotive Logistics Mexico Conference, January 31 - February 2, 2017, Mexico City If Mexico's fast-growing automotive industry achieves the kind of output boost that has been forecast in the next few years, its logistics networks will need to be well … [Read more...]

Equipment Tracking Solution Provider KONTROL Launches New Website, Announces New CEE Sales Agent

Reusable equipment tracking and mangement expert Kontrol AMS Limited announces the launch of the new-look KONTROL website: Kontrol is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application developed by industry experts to provide all the necessary functionality for managing and tracking reusable handling equipment; between locations; … [Read more...]

Tenneco Looks to CHEP to Expand Reusable Packaging Program to North America, 99% of International Shipments in Expendable Packaging

Tenneco expands relationship with CHEP, the importance of part density in logistical packaging, and addressing the dominance of expandable packaging for international shipments Automotive parts supplier Tenneco Automotive is forging a relationship with CHEP Automotive to help it with its reusable packaging program, according to a recent report … [Read more...]

AIAG Expands Global Automotive Quality and Materials Management Training to Help Companies Deliver the Same Content at All Their Locations

By making its CQI and MMOG/LE training available in country and in language around the world, AIAG helps automotive companies ensure that their international sites are receiving the same training as their North American sites. Through collaborations with a new group of certified training and publications partners around the world, the … [Read more...]

Blogwatch: The Pallet and Food Safety Debate, Reusables in Global Supply Chains

Reusable packaging and food safety, FSMA and pallets, the opportunity for reusables in global supply chains Here is our pick of recent blog contributions from around the web. They touch on the challenges of food safety, FSMA, and the case for reusable packaging and pallets in global supply chain applications. Blogs by Jim Hardisty and Rodney … [Read more...]

Big data, pool management heroics, and automotive packaging: what’s next?

Reusable automotive packaging holds the potential to power big data analytics for the automotive supply chain as more OEMs and Tier suppliers embrace related projects. Magna anticipates saving $25 million in 2015 resulting from the early stages of its reusable packaging transition, demonstrating that management heroics can make important initial … [Read more...]

Reusable Plastic Packaging System Improves Cube Uilization and Eliminates Repackaging for Exhaust System Manufacturer

Bosal outsources its container management to CHEP Automotive & Industrial Solutions With its exhaust systems for passenger cars and trucks, automotive supplier Bosal makes an active contribution to emissions reduction and environmental protection. Now CHEP, the world’s leading provider of reusable container and pallet pooling services, is … [Read more...]