Background to the Revolution

PR logoWelcome to and the Reusable Packaging News. was launched in the autumn of 2009. Our focus continues to be on best practices in the selection and management of pallets and reusable packaging, as well as new product announcements and industry news. The Reusable Packaging News is a weekly mailing that covers highlights from the website. You can subscribe to the Reusable Packaging News by clicking here. 

fist-100pxWe believe that reusable packaging has a more important role to play than ever in helping improve material handling efficiencies and helping to address supply chain environmental challenges. We welcome your feedback, editorial ideas and announcements, and of course, advertising support.

Just like with reusable packaging, we are confident you will see the value in repeatedly coming back!

The Revolution is collaborative by nature and welcomes your ideas for mutual projects.

Rick LeBlanc, updated April 2017

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