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Plasgad launches a mini pallet with enormous functionality – the Semi-Pallet

This fresh new pallet is well suited for a wide range of industries   Plasgad is proud to announce the latest addition to its wide range of products and solutions, the Plasgad new “Semi-Pallet.” The decision to launch the Semi-Pallet … [Read More...]

Full Service Asset Management Center Recently Opened for Credo™ Temperature-Controlled Reusable Shipping Container Solutions

Pelican BioThermal™, a global leader providing the broadest and most innovative range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, welcomed more than 50 guests to a grand opening event celebrating its East Coast … [Read More...]

New Foldable Plastic Liquid IBC from Horen Plastics Offers Range of Improvements

Over five years in research and development by Horen Plastics, the company has now released its new foldable plastic liquid IBC, OptiFlow™1040(OF1040). The OF1040 slashes costs compared to alternatives such as drums, steel IBCs or even other foldable … [Read More...]

Rehrig Pacific Company Receives Beverage World’s Warehouse Innovation Award

  Rehrig Pacific Company has received Beverage World’s Warehouse Innovation Award, which recognizes industry-leading companies with leading-edge warehouse solutions. Rehrig Pacific was tapped for the honor in recognition of its logistics … [Read More...]

IFCO Enters Chilean Reusable Packaging Crate Service Through Purchase of Rentapack

IFCO Systems has staked a position in one of my favorite South American countries, Chile. (Truth be told, my LinkedIn photo that people often assume is from Canada - it is not! It was taken a few years ago at Lago Gris in Patagonia, Chile.) IFCO, a … [Read More...]

FEFPEB Sets Venue for 66th Congress In Ireland

Europe's leaders in the wood pallet and packaging sector will gather in Cork, Ireland. This October 28 will mark the 66th Congress of the European Federation of Wooden Pallet & Packaging Manufacturers (FEFPEB). The group, first formed in 1946, … [Read More...]

Only Decorating Approach That is Truly Structural Foam Friendly

Polyfuze offers a reliable and consistent decorating method for porous structural foam surfaces.   Once again the team at Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has discovered an innovative breakthrough,according to a company announcement. … [Read More...]

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