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An Introduction to Automotive Reusable Packaging and Pallets

When it comes to the shining Class A surfaced beacon for any number of industries to follow in adopting reusable packaging, that beacon is automotive. Returnable packaging and pallet systems have made a profound impact on the automotive industry over … [Read More...]

Reusable Crate Trials for Bananas Prove Successful

Recent trials by CHEP Australia in the use of reusable plastic crates as an alternative to cardboard cartons for the banana industry have returned positive results for growers and other members of the supply chain. Early estimates show a 10 to 15 … [Read More...]

4 Factors That Bring Us Back to Pack Expo Every Year

This is the 20th anniversary of the inaugural Pack Expo Las Vegas trade show and is quickly inching its way to being the largest one ever.  With over 800,000 square feet of exhibit space and almost 2,000 exhibitors, it’s one of the best trade shows … [Read More...]

Food Cowboy Partners with Reusable Packaging Companies to Create Self-Funding Solution to Food Waste

Creative approach helps eliminate food loss as well as loss of reusable pallets and containers At the 2015 FMI/GMA Global Sustainability Summit in Denver today, Food Cowboy announced an initiative that promises to revolutionize the way food banks … [Read More...]

Reusable Asset Loss Infographic, Rehrig Pacific Launches Asset Loss Microsite

We recently posted an excellent article from Rehrig Pacific entitled 500 Million Good Reasons to Get a Better Handle on Reusable Asset Loss. Following up on that theme, Rehrig Pacific has created a brilliant yet refreshingly simple infographic on the … [Read More...]

500 Million Good Reasons to Get a Better Handle on Preventing Lost Reusable Assets

Rehrig Pacific outlines basic steps towards eliminating the problem of reusable pallet and container loss Despite increasing awareness, milk crates, plastic pallets, bakery trays, beverage shells and other containers made from high density … [Read More...]

CHEP Aerospace Marks 5 Years of Growth, Makes Management Announcements

CHEP Aerospace Solutions celebrates 5 years of growth and strengthens its management team   In August 2010, Brambles Limited, the Australian listed supply chain logistics company, acquired Unitpool AG, a leader in aviation container and … [Read More...]

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