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AFGC CHEP Retail Index Suggests Slowing Retail Growth

Editor's note: Pallet usage is generally a meaningful indicator of economic activity. In Australia, the practice has become institutionalized through the collaboration of AFGC, CHEP, and Deloitte in producing their Retail Price Index. After a … [Read More...]

Reusable Packaging Association Committees Expand Value and Opportunities for the Reusables Industry

The RPA is strengthening the charters and backing of its committees to deliver more benefits for members and increase its value to the reusables industry. “Our committees play an important role in creating and executing tactics that educate and … [Read More...]

How the Shipping Container Decisively Transformed the World of Commerce And Achieved Global Standardization Where Pallets Could Not

Breakthroughs in Logistics: How the Shipping Container Transformed the World of Commerce  This is the second article in our breakthroughs series. See also A Change in Direction: the Invention of the Four-Way and Eight-Way … [Read More...]

PPS Now Offers Effective Repair for Damaged Returnable Transit Equipment

PPS, provider of plastic RTE - including Dolav and Pallet Boxes, now offers repair and maintenance programs. Poor handling practices and collisions with material handling equipment can result in unplanned damage to reusable packaging, including … [Read More...]

Lightweight Plastic Export Pallets Provide Opportunity for Air Shipment

  “Exporters transporting large volumes of goods by air need to look for new ways to take costs out of the supply chain," states Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of "Pallets are indispensable for shipping goods by road, … [Read More...]

Pallet Supplier CABKA-IPS Acquires ERYPLAST, Broadens Multi-Use Portfolio

Berline-based CABKA Group recently announced a new European acquisition, Herstal, Belgium-based ERYPLAST. The deal was announced by the respective CEOs of both firms, Gat Ramon and Dominique Rykers. Going forward, ERYPLAST plastic pallets will be … [Read More...]

Quarter Pallets Add Crunch for Point of Sale Pickle Sales

  German cucumber and pickle producer Spreewaldhof, has reportedly completed a transition to CHEP, in particular  the new Blue Click ™ plastic quarter pallet solution. "These pickles are often an impulse purchase, and a strong presence at … [Read More...]

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