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Forum will provide a unique opportunity for supply chain professionals to benchmark, discuss and solve challenges with reusables.   The Reusable Packaging Association is hosting a unique and interactive forum for supply chain professionals who use … [Read More...]

Pallet Education Session with Laszlo Horvath at PROMAT 2015

United Pallet Services, Inc, makers of the pointGUARD Pallet Protector, is partnering up once again with the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design (CPULD) at Virginia Tech University to present another education presentation, this time during the … [Read More...]

Up Close and Reusable: Ideas For Extending the Life of Durable Wood Pallets

Increase the life of your reusable wood pallets and reduce your cost per use by following this advise.                  Laszlo Horvath, Assistant Professor of Practice and … [Read More...]

The 2 Billion Pallet Man

U.S. Pallet Industry Statistics Presented at Western Pallet Association Annual Meeting   “You may have heard reference to there being 2 billion pallets in the U.S.,” Philip Araman told the audience at this year’s Western Pallet Association … [Read More...]

Beverage Reusable Packaging and Pallets Respond to SKU Proliferation and Other Trends

How Beverage Industry Changes Are Influencing Reusable Packaging and Pallet Selection When it comes to the enduring success of reusable packaging and pallet systems, few industries have enjoyed  more success over the decades than beverage. The … [Read More...]

Reusable Packaging Shaped by Point of Sale, Hours of Service, and Automation

Point of sale opportunities, pressures to improve driver productivity and experience, and warehouse automation are causing a rethink in the deployment of reusables. Start at Page 1: Page One: Beverage Reusable Packaging and Pallets Respond to SKU … [Read More...]

Beverage Reusable Packaging and Pallets Impacted by Sanitation, Capital Allocation

Beverage reusable packaging must navigate sanitation, theft and capital allocation concerns. Start at Page 1: Reusable Packaging Impacted by SKU Proliferation and Other Trends Return to Page 2: Reusable Packaging Shaped by Point of Sale, Hours … [Read More...]

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