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Hybrid Bin on Display at Interpoma, Bologna

Macro Plastics exhibited its Hybrid Bin at the Interpoma trade show, November 20-22 in Bolgna, Italy. “Where better to exhibit and demonstrate this market leading packaging solution than in Europe’s largest apple growing region,” noted Rodney … [Read More...]

DS Smith Announces Launch of New Foldable Container Designed for Speed

DS Smith, Plastics Division has announced the official launch of a new fold-flat plastics container, noting it recently won the Magna Logistics Supplier’s award for innovation. The Duca-Pak™ is the most recent addition its line of Uni-Pak foldable … [Read More...]

PTM Enjoys Successful PACK EXPO Show in Chicago

PTM reports robust PACK EXPO Show experience with strong interest in ULTRA PALLET.   With more than 37 years in the market, PTM has a solid reputation of serving plastic pallet and crates customers in industries such as food and … [Read More...]

Executive Search: Paul Fitzgerald Finds New Niche in the Reusables Sector

  Let's face it. Pallets and reusable packaging is a niche. But a niche within a niche? Eighteen months ago Paul Fitzgerald retired and went to live in in beautiful New Smyrna Beach FL. However a year later he came across Jim Parker, … [Read More...]

Reusables: A Leap of Faith and a Great Business Idea

Talk of the PACK EXPO show: Nik Wallenda makes a historic tightrope crossing in the Windy City The buzz at PACK EXPO on Day 1 and 2 centered around an arguably unrelated event, that being Nik Wallenda's tightrope performance between the tops of … [Read More...]

Two Unrelated Types of Pallet Headaches

Pallet headaches are something that supply chain professionals have been known to suffer, especially if pallet system design and execution aren't in alignment with overarching supply chain goals. Having said that, here are a couple of totally … [Read More...]

IFCO SYSTEMS Opens Newest Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) Service Center in Fresno, California, Launches Grocery Pallet Box

Leading global RPC Provider Responds to Growing Demand with Sixth North American Facility IFCO SYSTEMS has opened its newest reusable plastic container (RPC) Service Center in Fresno, California. The 200,000 square foot facility is equipped to … [Read More...]

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